May 29, 2017

Today in Math we covered p. 199-201.  It was assigned for homework if not completed in class.

In spelling we did Unit 17.  the worksheet was assigned for homework if not completed in class.

After recess we read from Fatty Legs and worked on a paper about authority and power.  We compared our lives to that of the children in the story.

We finished up the idiom worksheets and then started on our booklets!  We will work on this for a bit!

After lunch we had our school Panorama picture and then the students went to Music/Drama.

Last block we completed our rock project and worked on our hand project.  The hand project is due on Wednesday.


  1. Hot Dog orders for Friday Sorts/Fun Day are due tomorrow
  2. Math p. 199-201
  3. Spelling Unit 17 worksheet
  4. Art- hand project due Wed. morning
  5. PE strip needed for tomorrow

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller


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May 26, 2017

Today we started off looking like somebody else as it was Twin/Triplet day!  It sure was fun to see the many students and staff dressed up!

We had an assembly today and congratulations to Kaiz for being student of the month for Athletics!

When we returned we did a survey on line for the student vote.  It took us awhile, but we managed!

After recess the students had IPad time if they completed all their work, while others used this time as a catch up period.  We tried doing a Kahoot today and it was fun!  We will do this again!

After that, we went down to Mrs. Link’s class to do buddy time.  Today was writing, and they created some wonderful stories using terrific sentences.

After Lunch we had PE, where we learned how to do the High Jump for the first time this year!  We started off low, and we will try it again on Tuesday make it go i=even higher!

Last block we put the final coat on our rocks.  We will do the other side on Monday!


  1. PAC food orders
  2. Hot Dog Orders for Fun Day next week!
  3. READ!

Have a fabulous weekend!  Cheers!  Ms. Kneller


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May 23, 2017

It certainly has been some time since I wrote on here!  Sorry!

Today in Math we finished up some projects and then reviewed our math reviews for the test tomorrow.

In Language Arts, we did a worksheet on the Indigenous Games as it relates to Socials and the Residential Schools!  We will finish the booklet tomorrow.

In Science we did a new kind of review called Kahoots.  It was a review of Ch. 10 for the test on Thursday!

In French we played Lotto with our new words on the body (le corps).

After lunch we did Survivor challenge in PE and then returned to class to try and finish up the First Aid booklet.  We are so close to getting it done!


  1. PAC Food orders
  2. Book Orders due on the 25th
  3. Carnival at HSS on Thursday night 5:30-8:00 (come at 6:00 if you want to throw a pie in my face!)
  4. Math- test tomorrow so review papers
  5. Science test on Ch. 10 on Thursday
  6. Lang. Arts -Indigenous Games should be complete
  7. If you read this, tell me in the morning and you will win a prize!  Yahoo!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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May 3, 2017

Today in Math we worked on P. 184-186.

In Language Arts we worked on our two poems, a Haiku and an Acrostic!  We will finish them tomorrow!

After recess we went over the jobs for the upcoming Student Vote being held at our school regarding the Provincial Election!  Everyone will have jobs to do!  It should be a whole lot of fun!

Later, we went onto the Student Vote Page and looked at the site that explains the different parties political platforms.  We will continue this on Friday!

After lunch we had book exchange and then the students were to have Music, but instead, they had a class with Mrs. Richardson on Yoga.  They seemed to really enjoy it!


  1. Playland form and $10
  2. 2 poems in rough copy should be written!
  3. Math- p. 184-186
  4. Rumplestiltskin form due Friday!
  5. Must have PE strip here tomorrow!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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May 1, 2017

Today in Math we worked on P. 182 +183.  They were assigned for homework!

We had bowling today!  It was great fun!  Yahoo!

When we returned, we had Language Arts, where we did our novel test.  We will finish poetry soon as well!

After lunch the students had Drama followed by Art, where we painted rocks!  They are looking rather good!


  1. Playland form and $10
  2. French Test tomorrow on Food
  3. Math p. 182-183
  4. Rumplelstitskin form
  5. Read for 15 minutes!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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April 26, 2017

Today in Math we started Algebra in book 2 of our Jump Math!  Yahoo!  Students had to work on P. 175 and 176 today.

In Language Arts, we had our poetry recital today.  I must say, the students did a fabulous job memorizing and reciting their poem!  Well done everyone!

After recess we were supposed to have a band play for us, but they ended up not showing up!  Instead, we worked on the Tech assignments (#7 and 8)  Wow, we are awesome!

After lunch we went to peruse books at the book fair.  Some students bought things there and some just window shopped!

After that, the students played a quick game and some figured out the pattern.  I will tell them tomorrow!

Last block the students had Music and then  went with Mrs. Cromerty and skipped as part of Action Schools!  It was neat to watch everyone in the school skipping!


  1. Math. 176
  2. Book Fair this week
  3. Family Night- Thursday 5-7 Art Gala and Bookfair!  Donations to the Food Bank is the entry to the Art Gala!
  4. Playland forms and $10 ASAP!  Thanks!
  5. Cheers!  Ms. Kneller
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April 21, 2017

Today we did a wonderful thing for our community and ourselves, we picked up garbage.  I know it is not a glamorous thing to do, but I am so very proud of the students in my class.  They collected so much litter and were like little soldiers out there.  I was especially happy to hear the comments from the residents of this town thanking the kids for doing this.  Wow, Awesome!!!!!!

After recess the kids were given a little extra time for play as we came back at the end of recess.  Shortly after that, we came inside and the students tried to complete the MEGA CHALLENGE in the novel study.  What a blast to watch them work in teams to try and figure out all the answers.  The students that did not read the novel worked on a reading book and I am proud to say they did fabulous as well!

Wow had buddies today where we worked on a written assignment like Mad Libs.  It was hilarious to hear the words they came up with in the story!

After lunch the students had silent reading followed by PE.  We went outside to enjoy the sunshine and play on the Primary playground.

Art was on for last block and we were going to start painting, but decided to wait and we did the landscape pictures first.

Lastly, we talked about the upcoming field trip to Nestle on Tuesday and the permission slips were handed out for PlayLand.  The cost is $10.


  1. Poetry recital is April 26- memorize your poem!
  2. No school on Monday!
  3. Wear running shoes on Tuesday for Nestle Water Plant tour.
  4. Book Fair starts next week
  5. READ your book and take a test on Accelerated Reading!
  6. Have a fabulous weekend!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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