December 19, 2017

Today we worked on our Jump Math book and then reviewed fro the test tomorrow.  It is on rounding and estimating.  Please review your workbook from pages 1010-106

Later on we did some crafts today as well as trying to finish up our weaving pouches.  We will continue this tomorrow.

Our lunch was early today as we had the dress rehearsal for the Christmas Concert.

We cleaned up at the end of the day and went through the things that happened at the dress rehearsal.  Remind your child to sing louder, especially at the beginning!


  1. Math test tomorrow
  2. Dress for the concert Black/White
  3. Concert tomorrow starting at 12:30
  4. Party on Friday- do you want to bring in some goodies to share?
  5. Videos for party?
  6. PE strip should be returned before Christmas so it is here in the New Year!
  7. Secret word today is “Merry Christmas” write it in your agenda
  8. Make sure you bring your agenda tomorrow!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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December 14, 2017

First thing this morning the students had swimming at the Rec Centre!  It was wonderful to see all the grade 5’s having fun together!

After recess we watched another couple of short video clips on the Chinese workers who came to Canada to work on the railroad.  The students finished up their letters and then we had French.Today was LOTTO day on the calendar!

After lunch the students had art and worked on their weaving project.  Last block was with Mr. Ma for practicing the Christmas Concert1


  1. Read from your Accelerated Reading book
  2. Bring back your library books
  3. Used book sale tomorrow
  4. Raffle tickets still on sale
  5. Coquihalla Idol forms
  6. Bonus -If you read this and write We Wish You A Merry Christmas in your agenda, you will get a prize tomorrow!  Yahoo!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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December 13, 2017

Today in Math we started rounding!  The students worked on P. 101-103.  It was assigned for homework today.

In Language Arts, the students worked on SRA.

After recess the students had to pretend they were a young immigrant Chinese man who came to Canada to work on the railroad.  Their assignment was to write a letter home to their parents telling them what their life is like now.  They had to include the trip over on the boat, their working conditions, and their living conditions.  We will finish the letter tomorrow.

I returned the Novel tests and we went over them.  We also had to get ready for curling this afternoon, so shoe washing and helmet sizing was an important job!  Students read their books while people were getting things done!

This afternoon we had our last curling session.  I am so pleased that the students had fun and learned some curling!  I hope they continue to try it, perhaps they will be in the Jr. league once they get to high school!



  1. We are swimming first thing so bring suit, towel etc.
  2. Math P. 101-103
  3. Raffle tickets!
  4. Used Book Sale tomorrow
  5. Coquihalla Idol forms 

    Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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December 12, 2017

Math test today!  Yeah!  Everyone passed it and many did very well!  Ask your child how they did as I already marked it and handed it back!  Woot, woot!

Novel test on Bridge to Terabithia today.  So far, it looks awesome!  Test scores are soaring!  Woot, woot!  Will finish marking them for tomorrow!

After recess we watched the movie Bridge to Terabithia.  It was so different from the novel we read.  We will discuss that tomorrow as we ran out of time!

After lunch was PE where we did circuit throwing and catching so I could evaluate their skills.  I will do this again on Thursday.

Last block was with Mr. Ma practicing for the Christmas Concert next week!


  1. Last time for Curling tomorrow, so bring extra running shoes and warm clothes!
  2. Read, Read, Read!
  3. Used Book Sale $0.50 each
  4. Raffle Tickets for prizes in display case $0.50 each or 3 for $1

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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December 11, 2017

Today in Math we worked on P. 100 and did a review worksheet on division in preparation for the test tomorrow.

In Language Arts we finished off the worksheets and did an Accelerated Reading Test on the novel own preparation for the test tomorrow.

After recess we watched some video clips on the immigration of the Chinese People and how they were treated so poorly by Canadians.  We talked about the Head Tax and how the Gov’t kept increasing it to prevent too many immigrants from coming.

We also learned that we did not win the door decorating contest but I am pleased that the kids did a great job and loved doing it!  Well done!

During Art we worked on our weaving project.  We will be doing this for some time.

After lunch we started a Christmas Spelling list.  It has 24 words and some of them are quite difficult!  We will spend 2 weeks on this list!

Last block was Teacher’s Choice and we started the Skeletal System in Science.  We are learning the Scientific names of the bones!  Oh what fun!


  1. Math review worksheet
  2. Book Orders from the 2 stragglers who keep forgetting them!
  3. Novel test tomorrow on Bridge to Terabithia
  4. Math test on division tomorrow
  5. Used Book Sale $0.50 each, going all this week
  6. Raffle $0.50 each or 3 for $1.00

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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Pictures of our door!


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December 8, 2017

Wow, what a day! Today in Math we continued on with some division work as several students felt they needed a little more time to grasp it! We will be having our test on Tuesday!

During the next block, we worked on our door! It looks fabulous and the students did a wonderful job! Pictures to follow!
After recess we continued to finish up and then did our Spelling test. Each student also handed in their Unit 7 work for me to mark!
After lunch we had PE where we did our circuits of throwing and catching. We are working on accuracy in throwing and catching, along with good form. We will continue this next class.
Last block we had Library book Exchange and some students either got a book from the school library or the class library. I told them they all need to read more!
1. Math worksheet on division
2. Book Orders will be due on Monday as some needed extra time
3. Novel test will be on Tuesday as we did not get to it today!
4. Math test on division will be on Tuesday as well
5. Read, Read, Read!
6. Have a fabulous weekend! If you want, go check out the curling on the weekend! Oh what fun!

Cheers! Ms. Kneller

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