March 12, 2018

Such a busy day and loads of students absent.  Changed the day plans to accommodate all those away.  If you were away, you can catch up on Wednesday!

Homework tonight:

  1. Be ready for Intermediate Activity Day tomorrow.  Make sure you have all the things you need for your event!  If you are going to Sasquatch Mountain, be prepared for rain!  You goal is to learn something tomorrow and have FUN!!!!!!!!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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March 9, 2018

Today in Math we started a unit on time!  We did not get very far as we were talking about analog and digital clocks!

In Socials, we did the first worksheet on Aboriginal gov’t together.

After recess we did our Spelling Test, followed by some vocabulary ladders.

Buddy time today was Math, playing a Yahtzee game.  The students had to do lots of adding!

After lunch we went to Gym and played the game we did for the last couple of days.

Last block was Book Exchange and vocabulary ladders.


  1. Handouts (3)
  2. Book Orders extended until Monday
  3. Are you ready for Activity Day on Tuesday?  Got all your stuff?
  4. Read
  5. Turn clocks ahead one hour on Sat. night!
  6. Have a wonderful weekend!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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March 8, 2018

This morning we went swimming at the pool!  What fun!!!

After recess we looked at the crystals that we grew from borax and epsom salts.  It was amazing!!!!!

Later, we started a new Powerpoint project on French clothing.

After lunch was Art, and we did Mosaics.

Last block was Drama with Mr. Ma.


  1. Spelling test tomorrow-please study!
  2. Book Orders due tomorrow
  3. Intermediate Activity day sheet home
  4. Books returned for Library tomorrow

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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March 7, 2018

A test on Money was the first thing the students did this morning!  I will have them marked as quickly as I can!

During Language Arts, the students worked on their spelling puzzle pages.  They were assigned for homework.

After recess we started Ch 6 Aboriginal Gov’t.  We did not get very far on the worksheet as we were talking about voting vs. consensus.

Later during Applied Skills, I introduced a new project the students will be doing.  It is called Maker Day, and it means that we will be creating an item that will help the elderly in one of the ailments that they may have.  For example, if mobility is a problem, how could you make a walker out of items found around the house or school.  I will be giving the students a project sheet after Spring Break to give them more details about how the project will be marked.  The whole idea was to get the students to start thinking about what they could start collecting and making!

After lunch we used the computers to try and make three types of graphs (pie, line and bar) to give information about our Pizza Survey.  It was a time to explore and learn!

During the last few minutes we played some Kahoot games on the computer!


  1. Spelling puzzle pages
  2. Book Orders due March 9th
  3. Intermediate Activity Day handout- what you need to bring with you!
  4. Swimming stuff for tomorrow- we leave right away, so don’t be late!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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March 6, 2018

Today in Math we did P. 123, 124 and a review sheet on Money.  Students have a test on it tomorrow!

During Language Arts, the students did Ch 13 in Whipping Boy and to the end of Ch. 12 in the Potatoes group.

After recess we discussed the different kinds of rocks and what group they belong into.  It was quite interesting.  Has anyone ever heard of Country rock?

During French we started on a new list of words on clothing.  We played a quick game of eye spy!

After lunch the students played the same game in PE as the other day.  We will do it one more time!  Last thing we did a relay, it was funny to watch some of the teams try and run backwards!

Last block the students had Drama with Mr. Ma.  I believe they had a test!


  1. Math- review worksheet for test tomorrow!
  2. Book Orders due March 9th
  3. Lang. Arts- Whipping Boy-ch. 13, Potato group ch-12
  4. Swimming on Thursday!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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March 5, 2018 (too bad it was not a snow day, even though it snowed! )

Today in Math we worked on P. 121 and 122.  We did more Math in the afternoon!

During Language Arts, the students worked on their novel study.  They all did very well today and worked so hard!

After recess the students had a test on Gov’t in Socials.  Later, we worked on the Mosaics in Art.

After lunch the students had Spelling and did Unit 13 words and worksheet.

Last block was Teacher’s Choice and we did more Math and caught up in other things that students were behind in.


  1. Math p. 121,122
  2. Book Orders due Marc 9th
  3. PE strip needed for tomorrow
  4. Swimming on Thursday

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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March 2, 2018

In Math today we finished off the sheets on adding and subtracting money.

During Socials, we went over the review sheet on Ch. 5 Gov’t so all the students would have a good study sheet!  We then did a crossword puzzle to try and review so more for the upcoming test on Monday!  PLEASE STUDY!!!!

After recess we went over the rules for plurals and discussed all the answers for the three worksheets we did last week.  We then did our Unit 12 spelling test.

The students received new buddies today and we did reading together.

After lunch we played a game where the class was divided into four teams and they had to knock over the skittles. Two teams were the throwers, one team the defenders of the skittles and the fourth team the retrievers of the balls.  All teams switched up as we went.  At the end, we discussed the strategy behind the game, and how to be better at it.  We will try again on Tuesday.

Last block we had book exchange and we did word ladders.  It is a way to build vocabulary and it was fun at the same time!


  1. PLEASE STUDY for the test on Gov’t!
  2. Book Orders due Mach 9th.

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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