May16th, 2019

This morning in Math we continued on with Data Management.  We started a double bar graph today!  Will finish it next week!

The students had Dance, then we read Chapter 15 from the novel and answered questions on it.  I have not handed back their work for some time, but hopefully I will catch up this weekend!

We learned about underground mining today in hopes of doing the Chocolate Chip mining activity soon!

After lunch we did Shot Put and high jump in the gym.

Last block was a tidy up and we discussed some things about Playland.


  1. PAC Fundraiser- due 30th
  2. Book Orders-24th
  3. Science and Math retest on Tuesday for those who want to redo it!
  4. Playland is next Wednesday!
  5. no school Friday and Monday!
  6. READ over the weekend!
  7. Carnival notice
  8. Track and Field on Thursday!

Have a great long weekend and will see everyone on Tuesday!  Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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May 14, 2019

This morning the students had a test on Money!  We are moving on to Data Management next so we will be doing bar graphs and line graphs.

The students had Dance with Mr. Ma and after recess Mrs. Rosenberg was in for me while attended a meeting.  She read Ch. 13 & 14 from the novel and the students worked on the questions.  f they did not finish, it was assigned for homework.

I returned the Socials test today and many students did not do well on it.  There will be a retest on Thursday at lunch for anyone who wants to take this opportunity to increase their mark.

After lunch Mrs. Rosenberg took over my class while I attended another meeting.  The students practiced how to do the High Jump in preparation for the Track Meet.

Last block we finished up our art project so we could put our people in the Art Gala tomorrow!


  1. PAC Fundraisers- due 16th and 30
  2. Book Orders- May 24th
  3. Lang. Arts- Ch. 13/14
  4. Track & Field letter to parents
  5. Socials Retest on Thursday-STUDY!
  6. Art Gala- tomorrow 5-7pm.  Come check it out!  It will be fabulous!

Have a great day!  Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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May 10, 2019

This morning we worked in our Jump Math book on the money pages.  We will be doing a review next week along with a test.

During Language Arts, we finished the graphic novel style work for that chapter.

After recess we completed the Socials test and then did a Spelling test.

With our buddies, we helped them finish their Mother’s Day card and then read books!

After lunch we continued to work on some of the sheets for the Career Fair and tidied up things.

Last block was Library, and the students should have gotten a new book to read for Accelerated Reading.

***We have three of the students in our class in the play- hope you can come and see them!  The Snow Queen Performances- Tonight @6:30 or Saturday @2!


  1. Pac Fundraisers (they help pay for the field trip to Playland)
  2. Book Orders- due May 24th
  3. Permission Slip for Playland-due Monday!
  4. Science Test on Ch. 9 on Monday
  5. Career Sheets (all 5 of them) are due Monday

Have a wonderful weekend! Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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May 8, 2019

Thank you to my class for being so well behaved yesterday for the TOC.  It is nice to have great notes left.

This morning we went over the work from yesterday in Math.  It was a fun couple of worksheets on using money!

In Language Arts, we continued to read Ch. 11 and started on the graphic novel style work.  We will finish it tomorrow!

After recess we worked on the special day that is coming up for the Mothers of the kids in my class.  No details about it!

We did the review crossword puzzle in Socials and the students will have a test on Friday on the three levels of government.

After lunch we worked on the career papers from the Career Fair.  They will be due on Monday!

Last block we finished up on the special stuff from the morning.


  1. PAC Fundraiser- May 16
  2. Book Orders- May 24th
  3. Permission slip for Playland
  4. Socials test-Gov’t Friday
  5. Spelling test Friday
  6. Career Sheets (all 5 of them) are due Monday

Have a wonderful day!  Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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May 1, 2019

This morning we all went too the school wide assembly.  Congrats to Aliyas for being the Student of the Month for April- Mentorship!

We returned and did our Spelling puzzle sheets as well as getting ready for the cookie sale.  I am so proud of my class for volunteering to be the sellers and make some money for Mrs. Loring’s Memorial table.

After recess we read from the Socials book on Chapter 9 and took some notes on the highlighted words.

We then had Socials where we completed the worksheet on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  We then started our review for Gov’t.

After lunch we used the computer lab and looked up some information for the career fair tomorrow.

Last block we started painting our people rocks!


  1. PAC fundraiser- due May 16
  2. Math- to the end of P. 116 for Friday
  3. Spelling worksheet -due Friday
  4. Swimming Notice
  5. Missoula Theatre -permission slip
  6. Career Fair tomorrow-wear running shoes, lunch is provided, might want to bring extra snacks, water bottle, back pack

Have a great day!  Cheers!  Ms. Kneller


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April 30, 2019

My goodness, the days are flying by so quickly and it seems like we are running out of time for things!

This morning our assembly was postponed until tomorrow, as Mrs. Gratrix was away today.  We discussed how to count out change when we buy something, although the newer tills will do this for us!  We continued to work in our book, and students should have done up to p. 116 by Friday morning!

Students had dance with Mr. Ma today.

After recess we continued on our novel study and completed questions for Ch. 7 & 8. It was assigned for homework if not completed in class today!

We had to quickly do some things for the upcoming Career Fair on Thursday.  We finished it after lunch as well.

Basketball was popular today in PE as we actually tried a game situation.  We will play one more day so I can assess the students.  It was a short unit, as we have the Intermediate Track Meet coming up soon!

Last block we continued on French with some worksheets on food.


  1. PAC Fundraiser- Norwex products
  2. Math- to the end of p. 116
  3. Spelling- worksheet due tomorrow
  4. Cookies for sale- $0.25 each- limit 4
  5. Ch. 8 from novel study
  6. Missoula Theatre- hand out about it!

Have a great afternoon!  Cheers!  Ms. Kneller



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April 24, 2019

This morning the students had a math test on t tables and patterning.  I will return them tomorrow!

The students then read Chapter 6 of the novel together and completed the questions for homework if not finished in class.

After recess we did a Math drill on times tables and did some Mental Math.

For Socials, we discussed what a democracy was and what the Charter of Rights and Freedoms are.  A very interesting discussion.

After lunch the students practiced drumming so we are prepared for drumming at the service tomorrow.

Last block we started on the next unit, which will be painting rock people.


  1.  Service tomorrow for Mrs. Loring @7pm
  2. Art Gala- May- Let Ms. Kneller know if you want to display something
  3. Lang. Arts- Chapter 6
  4. Book Fair- class going Friday morning

Have a great day!  Cheers!  Ms. Kneller


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