Thursday, October 22, 2021

This morning we had to go over a few things happening around our class, then we finally got to work on Math. We continued to work on rounding. I collected the books so I can have a look at them to ensure kids are fully understanding it.

We completed two worksheets on the respiratory system today in Science.

After recess, we had a French test on numbers 1-20. I marked them right away and gave them their Bear Paw for their great effort and marks! I then gave them another worksheet to complete that was quite fun to attempt. I did not assign it for homework though!

Right before lunch we read Chapter 8 from the novel and then completed the Graphic Novel summary. I did not collect it today!

After lunch we had Computers and I was teaching the students how to use Word documents and how to save it. We were talking about Burgers today!

Last block was Art and we continued to work on the Poster contest for Remembrance Day. These were assigned for homework if not completed in class!


  1. Food Fundraiser due Oct. 25
  2. Smencil sale on Tuesday $2 each
  3. Pro D. day tomorrow-no school for kids
  4. Poster-due Monday
  5. Read 30 minutes or more
  6. Videos- due Tuesday (for party on 29th)

Have a great long weekend! I will be marking Language Arts papers so I do not feel guilty and have to hand out more candy! LOL Read lots and have some fun! Cheers! Ms. Kneller

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

This morning in Math we worked on Rounding on pages 40, 41 and 42. It was assigned for homework if not completed in class.

During Socials, we were talking about heritage, or cultural origin. We discussed if students knew our national anthem. We then had the shake down drill (Earthquake) as did all the province! Our class rocked the drill! They are such a clever group!

After recess we had library, and exchanged books. We returned to FINALLY start the Math drills. I explained how the program worked and it was great fun! We will keep doing it regularly!

After lunch, we had PE and played Keeper of the Castle. It turned out that some students were so into the game, they did not pay attention to their safety and ran into other people. I had to remind them that a game is not so fun if everyone is getting hurt!

Last block was Teacher’s Choice, and we did Science. Here we cut out and labelled the parts of the Respiratory System.


  1. Food Fundraiser ( we must have 40 orders to make it a go! We get extra book on First Nations Culture in our class, and we get extra food bags to help out struggling families!)
  2. French test tomorrow numbers 1-20
  3. Math p. 40, 41, 42
  4. Smencil Sale on Tuesday
  5. Pro D on Friday- no school for kids!
  6. Videos for party on the 29th

Have a great day! Cheers! Ms. Kneller

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

This morning we worked on Page 34 of the Jump Math book. We will be starting Rounding tomorrow!

We handed out the milk and carrots today after Math. The students did a terrific job! Too bad the milk delivery guy was not as efficient as my students, as he did not deliver the correct mount of milk today! We continued to read about the respiratory system after the deliveries were made!

After recess the students had Robotics with Mr. Froese.

Upon their return, we read Chapter 7 of the novel and found out the potatoes the boys planted in the park started to make the ground glow green! We answered the questions for the chapter today as well.

After lunch we started our poster for the Remembrance Day Legion contest. Hopefully we will get some terrific art work when they are all done!

Last block we continued to talk about how to stay healthy, and about how much water we should be drinking. We also discussed the dangers of energy drinks and youth. Srtudents discovered the truth about how much sugar is in juice and pop, and why this choice should be limited in our diet.


  1. Food Fundraiser due October 25th
  2. French test on numbers 1-20 on Thursday
  3. Math P. 35
  4. Chapter 7 novel questions

Have a great day! More parent teacher interviews today, so hoping to connect with more parents today. Cheers! Ms. Kneller

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Monday, October 18, 2021

This morning we got ourselves real for our field trip. We had another activity as well to do this morning as we needed to collect some rocks for future art projects so we went a little early to do this. When we want the rocks in May or June, the water levels are too high!

We had our Watershed program put on by Natalie from Hope Mountain. She always does a terrific job and I am so very impressed by her. I will have some pictures at the end of today from the event today. Ask your child what they were doing in this!

After lunch we had PE and we played Gutterball again today.

Last block was Drama, and the students were reading their plays out loud to practice.


  1. French test on numbers 1-20 on Thursday
  2. Food fundraiser order deadline is October 25
  3. check out for ideas on poster/literary contest for Remembrance Day
  4. Read!

Have a great day! Just a reminder that all this week is Parent Teacher Interviews. You should have a scheduled time as I sent home a notice with your child. I look forward to meeting you all! Cheeers! Ms. Kneller

Collecting Rocks for Mandalas! They found lots!
Natalie was giving information and the students were listening. Of course they had to play in the sand as well!
And the remainder of the class listening and playing in the sand!
So, Natalie made the Fraser River on the Stream table. Do you know the bridges that are there? Port Mann, Agassiz and ??? Karisma was a gym owner, so she was putting her Shopkins toy in Hope as that is where she wants her gym.
Luccia’s career was a dressmaker, so she placed her iron to represent her business in Hope!
OOPS! The car business either goes on the bridge (if you are driving it) or on the dirt to show your business!
Brynn was the owner of a high end shoe store! I wonder if it will survive the big flood?
Nicara wants to open her Staples Store in Vancouver. I wonder if the flood will destroy her store?
Lily has opened a very nice Furniture store. What will happen to it during the Great Flood?
Aiden had a house, so he was going to open a very successful B&B!
Riley had a very successful high end dress shop for his career! I hope it will not be destroyed by the flood!
Peter had big plans for his Movie Theatre! Too bad it was floating in the Ocean after the flood!
Harrison put his Taco stand in Harrison!
Jack was a dairy farmer. I hope he does not loose any of his cows! We need milk and Ms. Kneller needs cream for her coffee!
Not sure if Rohan put his bakery in a good spot. Hopefully it will not float away.

Judah was the owner operator of a Dairy Queen Franchise. I wonder if his store will make it through?
Issah was a car dealership. He wanted to make his place in Vancouver, so he could make lots of money!
Vincent has a lucrative Landscaping business. He wants to have his business in Vancouver too!
Jordan was a horse racer and owned a large stable. Will his horses make it through the great flood?
All the businesses are located in the towns/cities! I am the stapler in Hope, representing Coquihalla School!
The start of the simulation of the Great Flood! Students. do you remember the date this happened? Write it in your agenda and you will be rewarded for paying attention yesterday!
Look at the devastation!
The students were eager to see if their business survived!
Some happy/sad faces as they see what businesses survived, or did not survive!
Students learned the importance of groundwater, and how the roots of trees depend on this water!
Unfortunately, we as humans build houses and pave the roads, causing a lot of problems with the groundwater. some goes down the drains, but so does the pollution, causing our fish to be contaminated!
Harrison making it rain on our town!
We talked about the salmon, and what happens to them when they die, they provide fertilizer for the trees! We also reviewed the life stages of a salmon, and the 5 kinds of salmon! Can you remember them all? What was the name of the fish Natalie is holding? How big can they get? hope you remember that too!
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Friday, October 15, 2021

This morning we worked on Pages 33 and 34 in our Jump Math book.

In Science, we learned about the digestive systems of birds, cows and snakes, and compared them to our system. We then started reading about the Respiratory System.

After recess we had a long discussion on careers. I explained the next project to the students. They will have another day to finish it (next week). It is a drawing about their career, and the students have to guess what it is!

During Language Arts, we FINALLY started writing in our journals. I am looking forward to reading what the students wanted to share with me

After lunch the students had silent reading and robotics with Mr. Froese.

Last block was SRA cards. the students are just learning how to do this. It is a program to help with reading comprehension.


  1. Math p. 33 +34
  2. Field Trip Monday- wear a warm coat and gloves!
  3. Food fundraiser?
  4. Check out infcanada for ideas about Remembrance Day contents
  5. Read 30 minutes

Have a great weekend. Please know that I sent out the emails for the Zoom links for the Parent Teacher Interviews next week. Cheers! Ms. Kneller

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Today has been a busy day again! We started off doing pages in our Jump Math book and students should have completed up to the end of P. 32

We had Healthy Relationships with Mrs. Larson today. It was a little bit touchy today as we dealt with Domestic Abuse. It is unfortunate that we have to discuss this at school, but kids need to know how to get help should this situation ever arise in their life.

After recess, we had French and we played LOTTO. Students are learning numbers to 59. They will have a test on numbers on Thursday of next week (1-20 only).

During Language Arts, we read Chapter 6 from the novel and then completed the questions. I am a little behind on the marking here, but hoping to get them all completed by tomorrow. So many meetings and appointments has left me running out of time!

After lunch we had Lang. Arts with computers. Here we are learning how to make a written document on Pages or Word. We are learning how to use the toolbars and saving the documents as well. It is a slow, but very important skill!

Last block was Art, and due to the scheduled Fire Drill, I decided not to paint today. Instead, we looked at previous winners of the Legion contests for Remembrance Day. We will all be doing an art piece, and I have encouraged some to do the Literary component or the Video component as well.


  1. Math up to the end of P. 32
  2. Notice to parent for Parent Teacher Interview times
  3. Field trip- Now on Monday (due to heavy rains forecasted tomorrow)
  4. Novel- Ch. 6 if not completed in class
  5. Fundraiser Notice
  6. French test- numbers 1-20 on Thursday

Have a great day! Kudos to my class for being great workers today! Yahoo! Cheers! Ms. Kneller

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Wednesday, October 14, 2021

Wow, where has the time gone? I have been a little remiss on posting for the last few days. Sorry about that! I will try and do a better job. Darn meetings and appointments have been getting in the way!

This morning we had to do some housekeeping activities as things have been happening in our class.

We have Parent Teacher Interviews coming up and I went through all the papers and have slotted a time for each child’s parents/guardians. I will be sending the note home with you on tomorrow (I hope) with the information.

We had some left over grapes from the fruit/vegetable program so I decided to teach my students some food dehydration skills. We set up the dehydrator yesterday and looked at them today. Had I have been around the school yesterday after 3, I would have had them finished, but due to me leaving for a medical appointment, I turned them down very low. Hopefully they will be done by tomorrow!

We are also doing a FUN Survivor Pool in the class, and I had to give a quick update on that. Tonight is another episode, so we will see who gets voted off, and who will be out of the pool!

We also have an upcoming Field Trip to Wardle Street (a walking field trip, and all forms have ben signed and returned). This is for the Watershed Program. Today we watched a video about it, and did the activities. We will be going on Friday (or perhaps Monday if it is pouring rain on Friday-there is an 80% chance of rain forecasted). I have told the students that they will need a coat (waterproof-or bring an umbrella, and gloves. I told them now, as they need to get it ready for Friday/Monday. If they forget, they will get mighty cold out there.

I also did not give back the Science tests, so I did that this morning as well. I will have 2 students redo the test once they have had a tutorial with me. There are also 7 students who need to redo the test on Provinces /capitals. At lunch I had a tutorial with them to help them learn and remember them!

In Math, we had a really shortened class, but we got to answer a few things. We are on subtraction now.

In Socials, we read Chapter 1 and took notes on the bold faced words, as they are the most important. We will continue the chapter next day.

After recess we had book exchange in the library, then came back to watch the video and have class discussions on the Watershed. Do you remember what watershed we belong to? Ask your child!

After lunch we had PE and we played Gutter Ball. It is a new game that involves kicking, throwing, running and of course some strategy!

During Teacher’s Choice, we finished the activities and the video. I am sure the students will have a great time at the field trip!


  1. Some students need to study for retests on Provinces/capitals or Digestive System.
  2. Field Trip on Friday/Monday- need coat and gloves.

Have a great day! Hopefully I will be able to post more regularly. Cheers! Ms. Kneller

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Wednesday, October 6/21

This morning we had a little quiz on place Value. We then continued to work on addition with regrouping in our Jump Math book.

Second block was Socials, and we started off talking about our descendants. It was great that so many students ask about their heritage! So many countries were represented! We continued to read Chapter 1 in the book!

At 10:00, we had an intruder alert drill. I discussed the importance of this, and why we practice it! Ask you child to see if they can remember!

After recess we had library book exchange, followed by Spelling puzzle pages.

We read Chapter 4 in the novel, but did not have time for the questions! That will be for tomorrow.

After lunch we played Container Ball in PE. It was great to see the students learning some strategies, and having fun, all the while while playing fair!

Last block was Teacher’s Choice. Here we went outside to play tetherball and 4 Square. It is SO important that children learn HOW to play a game, play fair, and make friends while doing it. This will hopefully keep kids active and not having any problems with fighting/bullying. I am a firm believer that if kids are happy and have things to do, it keeps them busy and out of trouble!


  1. 1. Test on digestive system tomorrow (there will be a word bank)
  2. 2. Test on Provinces and capitals on Friday
  3. 3. Spelling Puzzle sheet *test on Friday as usual!
  4. 4. Parent/Teacher Interview form- return with info from parents/guardians
  5. Have a wonderful day! See you all tomorrow! Cheers! Ms. Kneller
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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

This morning we marked our review for the Place Value worksheet, and then continued to work on addition with regrouping in the Jump Math books.

In Science, we watched Bill Nye on Digestion. We reviewed what would be on the test on Thursday.

After recess, the students had Robotics with Mr. Froese, then we handed out the grapes to all the students in the school.

When we returned, we reviewed Ch. 3, and completed the the questions for it.

After lunch was Art, and we picked up a leaf and traced it to paint.

Last block was Health, and we are talking about ways to stay and be healthy!


  1. 1. Test on digestion on Thursday
  2. 2. Test on provinces/capitals on Friday
  3. 3. Book Orders?
  4. 4. Picture orders?
  5. Have a great day! Cheers! Ms. Kneller
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Monday, October 4th/21

Well, Friday was way too busy to post anything, so sorry about that! I will post today and hopefully catch you up on things in our classroom!

First block we had Math and we completed a review on place value. We will mark it together tomorrow, and do another review, as well as do some work in our Jump Math books.

We had some students finishing their map of Canada as they were away last week and did not get it done. Others played a little game to help learn the provinces and capital cities. I taught the students a little song to help them learn the province and territories. We also went over a few tricks to help remember the capital cities as well. The test is on Friday!

After recess we had French, and we copied notes on numbers up to 59! We only had to learn 4 new words! (et=and, trente=30, quarante=40, and cinquante=50). We will play Loto next class!

We then had Spelling and we worked on Unit 2. If students did not finish it in class, they will need to finish it for homework!

After lunch we had silent reading, but was interrupted by the fire alarm! It was NOT a drill, but the real thing! We stayed outside for some time until the fire department could give us the all clear!

We played Container ball in PE today and will play it again on Wednesday.

Last block was Drama, and scripts were given to learn the parts and to practice =reading with some enthusiasm.


  1. 1. Test on Capitals and Provinces on Friday 8th
  2. 2. Test on the Digestive System – Thursday 7th
  3. 3. Where are your ancestors from?
  4. 4. French- Pictures (1-20)
  5. 5. Math- Place Value review
  6. Have a great day! Thanks for being so awesome on the Fire Alarm today Grade 5 students! You ROCK!!!!!!! Cheers! Ms. Kneller
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