November 19, 2019

This morning we started off with some Daily Fitness and thank you Ryland for leading the class.

Later, we learned how doubling numbers can help us learn to multiply bigger numbers.  We completed P. 54 & 55 in class.  It was assigned for homework if not completed.

During Science we started discussing the Circulatory system.  We read from our text book and checked out pulse using  our carotid artery.  We learned about arteries, veins and started to learn about capillaries.

After recess we completed the questions for Ch. 5 together.  We discussed how to make complete sentences and checking our work to make sure it makes sense, has capitals and periods.  We also tried using some bigger, more powerful words to make us sound smarter!  (humiliated, embarrassed etc.)

The block before lunch was a presentation on Bear Aware.  We learned many things and we will finish it up tomorrow!

After lunch the students stayed in the class for Drama.  Soon it will be switching over to Music.

Last block was PE and we started the unit on basketball.


  1. Read for at least 15 minutes
  2. Math p. 54 & 55
  3. School clothing order?

Have a great night!  Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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November 15, 2019

First thing this morning we finally did Daily Fitness!  Well done!

In Math we completed P. 52 and 53 in our Jump Math books.  Pleses finish it for homework if not completed in class.

We went over the Socials worksheet aa well as I showed the class what a beaver hat looked like, and why the fur trade was so important as the Europeans loved those hats!

After recess, the boys went to Mr. Hoshowki’s class to learn about hand washing and hygiene.  All the grade 5  girls came to my class to meet with the Public Health nurse and we discussed everything about menstruation.

After lunch we had PE and the students played Danish Kickball.  We had a lesson on Fair play and what happens when one team is stronger than another team.  It is a hard lesson to learn, but was much needed in our class.  We discussed about easing up if you are the winning team and not boasting about your score.

Last block was Drama with Mr. Ma.


  1. Read a book for 60 minutes over the weekend!
  2. Math P. 52 +53
  3. No School on Monday!
  4. School Clothing orders were given out!
  5. Remember to bring in any Neufeld Farms orders as the PAC helps pay for our field trips!

Have a wonderful weekend, and I will see you all on Tuesday!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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November 14, 2019

This morning we worked on P. 50 and 51 in our Jump Math books!  It was assigned for homework if not completed in class.

We had a test on Chapter 4, the Respiratory System, along with a few questions about digestion.  I marked the tests and gave them back at the end of the day.

We left for swimming at 10:10 and the students walked with Mr. Hoshowski and Mr. Froese.  They had a great time swimming and it looked ike everyone had fun!

After lunch, we did a Math drill, followed by more practice.  Studetns are getting better!  Yeah!

The students had library with Mrs. Gratrix, followed by a bit of a catch up period and  silent reading.


  1. Read a book for 20 minutes and take an AR test on it when finished reading
  2. Math P. 50+51
  3. Book orders due tomorrow

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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November 13, 2019

This morning we started off with Math and completed P. 48 and 49!

During Socials, we learned how to use our textbook and fill out a worksheet on the key words and ideas from the beginning of Chapter 2.  We will go over it next class.

After recess we had the Public Health Nurse meet with the boys to go over puberty and the girls met with me and discussed a few things as well as the importance of Hand Washing!

When the boys returned, we continued to work on the Graphic Organizer on the ways to stay healthy.

After lunch we had Technology and we made sure the students knew how to save stuff on their Zip drive.  We then started to learn how to do a split screen so we can start the next project.

Last block was Art, and some students finished off their leaves, while others started on their Pointillism picture.


  1. Science test on the Respiratory System tomorrow!  Please study!
  2. Math P. 48 +49
  3. Book Orders due on the 15th
  4. Swimming tomorrow-suit, towel etc.
  5. Library books back tomorrow!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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November 12, 2019

This morning we did the beginning of multiplication.  We used the white boards and drew arrays and multiplication pictures.

Second block was Science and we reviewed the Respiratory System.  We also completed  a crossword puzzle review.  Test on Thursday!

After recess we had two Public Health Nurses come in to give a talk about puberty.  They did a great job talking about a very uncomfortable topic for kids.  With more discussion in class, students will feel more at ease with using the proper names for the body parts.

After lunch the students had Drama with Mr. Ma.

Last block was supposed to be PE, but the gym was booked for Rocks and Rings for the Primary grades.  We decided to do Art instead!


  1. If you read this, please write YAHOO, I READ THIS!  in your Agenda and you can win a special surprise!
  2. science Test on Thursday on the Respiratory Sytem
  3. Read a book- take an Accelerated Reading Test soon to earn points!
  4. Book Orders due on the 15th.

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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November 7, 2019

This morning we started off with a Math quiz on Rounding!  Some students struggled with it and redid the test at lunch, and PASSED it!  We then worked on P. 45 in the book.

Today was the last day with  Mrs. Larson to discuss Healthy Relationships.  We all did a craft today and it is tied onto their backpacks today!

After recess we had library with Mrs. Gratrix, followed by doing the Survey for Mrs. Larson.  We also completed our Agenda books early!

During French, we coloured some papers so we could learn our colours in French!

After lunch we did our Math times tables drill, followed by an assembly in the gym with Doug Savage, who is an author and does comic strips and graphic novels!  Great ideas and oh what fun it was!


  1. Snow passes
  2. PAC Fundraiser
  3. Book Orders
  4. Remembrance Day on Monday- no school but there will be a service at the park
  5. Movie Night- Toy Story 4 on Friday @ 6:15
  6. If you read this , write down HOORAY! in your Agenda book and Ms. Kneller will give you a special prize for reading the homework board!
  7. Cheers!  Ms. Kneller


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November 6th, 2019

Today was an incredibly busy day!  It started off with a bit of Math in our Jump Math books, then we handed out milk and carrots to all of the classes in our school.  The students did a fabulous job and are getting so quick as well!  Well done grade 5’s!

We had Mrs. Larson come in today and she discussed sexual abuse today.  The students watched a video and we discussed it.  they learned they needed to tell a trusted adult about this, and that it is NEVER their fault!  During this time we also had a Hold and Secure Drill.  This means that the students must stay in their locked classrooms and have the window blinds closed.  This could happen if there was a bad person or a wild animal on the grounds and we want to make sure everyone is SAFE!!!!!!!

After recess, we read part of Chapter 5 from the novel, and it was hilarious today!  Ask you child what Jess and Leslie did to Janice Avery!

We watched a short video on Remembrance Day and had a discussion about it.  There are some books that students can look at about Dieppe and Vimy Ridge.  We then completed our Agenda books and got ready for lunch.

We left at 12:20 for the  Nestle Water tour.  The students had a great time there and learned about the aquafer and how they only use so much water so not to deplete it all.  All the remainder of the water goes into Kawkawa Lake, which eventually goes into the Fraser River.  It was a very interesting tour and the students learned about how bottles are made and shipped out.  I will include some pictures today!


  1. Bring back library books for tomorrow
  2. PAC Fundraiser-Neufeld Farms
  3. Letter to parents-Public Health Nurses coming in to discuss puberty
  4. Rob’s business card (from the workshop on Friday)
  5. Look at the book from Stephanie about the watershed and come with one interesting fact about it!

Have a great day!  I wonder who will get voted off of Survivor tonight?  Will it be your person?  Cheers!  Ms. Kneller


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