Tuesday, June 7, 2022

This morning we continued to work on our Jump Math books. There was nothing assigned for homework.

We handed out the milk and cucumbers today, then we went over the rock cycle. It was very funny when we went around and around, seeing that it a continuous circle!

After recess, the students went to see Mr. Froese for dance.

In language Arts, we did a combo of things: catch up of many things and spelling puzzle pages.

After lunch, the students had their test on Health (first aid), then we started on our little pouches. It will take us awhile until it is all finished.


  1. Bring back library books for tomorrow
  2. Entrepreneur show on Thursday. Bring your money!
  3. Read tonight!

Have a great day! See you all tomorrow! Cheers! Ms. Kneller

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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Yesterday the students completed their SNAP Assessment on Divion, and today we reviewed place Value. Students will complete their assessment tomorrow and we will be finished with them! We will continue to work on our Jump Math books in fractions and then on to decimals.

In Science, we completed the test on mining from Chapter 10. We are on to Rocks and Minerals next. I will hopefully have the tests marked for tomorrow!

After recess we played LOTTO in French.

During Language Arts, we were doing a variety of things to get everything finished up. Completing poetry writing, Corrective Reading, handwriting, and reading have kept us busy!

After lunch we did some typing practice and others were typing up their poems. We are so close to getting all the poems printed off! Our Anthologies will look great!

Last block was a bit of some free time as the students had worked so hard today! Well done kiddos!


  1. Test on First Aid next week
  2. Spelling test tomorrow
  3. Math- SNAP assessment on Place Value tomorrow!
  4. Read!
  5. Entrepreneur Show next week (Grade 6’s selling products they made) so save your money- or earn some this weekend!

Hope to see you all tomorrow! Cheers! Ms. Kneller

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Monday, May 30, 2022

Well, what a busy day! Was rather strange at that too!

This morning we did a SNAP Assessment practice on Division. I have to record this information to the School District so I thought we would get it over and done with now, rather than later on. We continued to work on fractions after that review. We will do another review tomorrow, then the real test on Wednesday.

We continued to read Fatty Legs in Socials. We learned what Honey buckets were, as well as the dreadful Smallpox outbreak that occurred many years ago.

During Recess, the students were called in as there was a bear siting near the school grounds.

We had a worksheet to complete in partners in French.

Later we did Unit 15 in Spelling. It is on compound words and one contraction.

At lunch the students were kept in because of the bear sighting! Better to be safe than sorry!

After lunch we had PE inside and played California Kickball.

Last block was a fiasco! I wanted the students to take their STAR Reading Test but then the system was overwhelmed and kids were getting frustrated (as was I). I will give them some time tomorrow to make up for the mistake on my part!


  1. Science Test on Mining on Thursday
  2. Math P. 24-26 in Jump Math
  3. Math- SNAP Assessment on Wednesday!

Have a great day! See you all tomorrow! Cheers! Ms. Kneller

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May 27, 2022

It looks like the students in our class did quite well at the District Track Meet! I will post the ribbons when I get a copy of who won what! Congratulations to all that attended and participated!

We did our poetry anthologies this morning. We worked very hard to get things printed off.

After recess we completed a Careers form from yesterday, along with Corrective Reading.

After lunch was Dance and then we had some tidy up/ game time.


  1. We have a Science test next week on Mining.
  2. Read lots!

Have a great weekend! See you all on Monday! Cheers! Ms. Kneller

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Career Fair 2022

What a great day! The students got lots of free stuff while learning about various careers! Check out these pictures!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

This morning we went over Survivor from last week. This Wednesday is the finale, so we will see what student will have chosen correctly!

In Math, we went onto pages 20-23.

We had Science, and we talked about opening and closing the mine. Tomorrow is Chocolate Chip Cookie mining!

After recess, the students had dance with Mr. Froese, followed by corrective reading. We also had our last fire drill!

After lunch we learned how to do the painting for the mandalas, then practiced rescuing someone from choking in Health.


  1. Math p. 20-23
  2. Career Field Trip on Thursday- need extra food ( 2 pieces of pizza will be provided) and a water bottle
  3. Bring back library books for tomorrow
  4. Assembly tomorrow
  5. Class pictures were sent out today!
  6. Students going to the District Track Meet must have permission slips signed for tomorrow!

Have a great day! See you all tomorrow! Cheers! Ms. Kneller

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Pictures from Camp Squeah!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

This morning we went over the Algebra review worksheet from Friday 9with Mr. Flynn) and worked ion the Jump Math books. We will have a test on the Algebra part tomorrow, so that the students do not forget it all!

We delivered milk and tomatoes today to all the students, then continued on mining in Science.

After recess the students had Dance with Mr. Froese, followed by Corrective Reading.

After lunch we had art, and I showed them the next project we are doing. We finished up our bracelets as well.

last block was First Aid, and we went over what to do when someone is choking. Students will have a chance to practice it next class.


  1. Test on Algebra tomorrow in Math (just like review sheet)
  2. Bring back library books for tomorrow!
  3. Read 15 minutes

The students who won ribbons for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place received them today. They will be getting the permission slips soon if selected to go to the District Track Meet on the 27th. Have a great day! See you tomorrow! Cheers! Ms. Kneller

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Thursday, May 12, 2022

This morning we went over 2 things: I had to go over the Survivor plot twist as it was really exciting. Sorry to Lily, Brynn, Nicara and Luccia for having Drea, their pick getting voted out last night. We still have many class members in the pool, so good luck to them! The second thing was discussing Moose Hide Day. We all wore a piece of moose hide to show we respect women and children and will not hurt or harm them. I gave the students a card that explains the significance of this.

I Math we worked on P. 17 today. Some started p. 18, which we will work on tomorrow!

In Science, we completed the worksheet on Underground and Open Pit mining. We are getting close to the Chocolate Chip Mining activity.

After recess, we played Lotto in French.

Corrective Reading was in the works for Language Arts today.

After lunch we did not go on the walk for Moose Hide Day as we had scheduled the computers to get our Poetry Anthology done. We are gradually getting all the poems typed out and ready to assemble in our anthology.

Last block was Art and we started a new project (painting the one side of a rock black) for mandalas. We then worked on the bracelets.


  1. Spelling test tomorrow- study!
  2. Permissions slips still needed by a few people!
  3. Math p 17
  4. Bring PE strip for tomorrow!

Upcoming Events next 2 weeks:

Monday- Intermediate Track Meet

Tuesday-deliver milk and tomatoes to the students

Wednesday-regular day

Thursday- Class Field Trip to Camp Squeah (YAHOO!)

Friday- Pro D Day (no school)

Monday (stat holiday- no school)

Tuesday-regular day

Wednesday-month end Assembly( had to have it early)

Thursday- Field Trip- Career Fair @ Rec Centre

Friday- District Track Meet (for those selected to go)

As you can see, we are busy! See you all tomorrow afternoon (I am away in the morning). Cheers! Ms. Kneller

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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

This morning we did something very different! We had an extra PE class so we are getting more and more prepared for the upcoming Intermediate Track Meet on Monday! We did the 400 M , baseball throws and long jump.

We returned and finished reading about life at St. George’s Residential School. We then read a report about the food written by an inspector. We will continue to read it next class.

After recess we had book exchange in the library, followed by a Math Drill.

Spelling puzzle pages were even more fun today as they got to chew gum and work with a partner! Glad to see everyone finished it today in class!

After lunch was PE and we did Shot Put and high jump.

Last block was Teacher’s Choice, and we went over a Careers worksheet so we are prepared for the Careers Field Trip coming up!


  1. Read 20 minutes
  2. Permission slip still needed for: Jason, Nicara, Riley, Aiden, Lily, Jasper, Marlon and Emma.
  3. Bring running shoes/PE strip here all week!

Have a great day! I will try and get caught up on marking the spelling etc. See you all tomorrow! Cheers! Ms. Kneller

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