January 27, 2020

Welcome to Monday!  This morning we started off with a review of fractions.  We then learned how to write mixed numerals and improper fractions.  We completed three pages in Math (up to the endow P. 25) and marked the entire second booklet.

During Socials, we finished reading Ch. 3, about the Hutterites.  We then did a review worksheet together with all the definitions.  Wow, the students did AWESOME!  I handed out a crossword puzzle but we really did not have much time to start it.

After recess we checked out the new school bus that has SEATBELTS in it.  We learned how to put them on and why we need to wear them at all times now.  It will be mandatory as of Wednesday.

We returned and started on Unit 10 from Spelling.  The students had a bit of extra time, so most got their worksheets finished in class and handed in to be marked.

After lunch the students went skating today with all the grade 5’s and Mrs. Robinson’s Kindergarten class.  Well done!


  1. Math- to the end of P. 25
  2. Book Swap on Wednesday
  3. Socials test on Ch. 3 on Friday
  4. Science test on bones and joints on Thursday
  5. Storybook Character Day -dress up on Friday

Have a great day!  Cheers!  Ms. Kneller


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January 24, 2010

Sorry for not posting but I had difficulty wth this site.  Hopefully it is all worked out.

On Friday morning, the students had a short quiz on fractions.  We then worked on out booklets learning how to reduce fractions!  The students should finish to the end of P. 23

In Socials, the students pretended that they are Chinese Immigrants who came to Canada to work on the railroad.  Their assignment was to write home to their parents telling them what it was like in Canada.  They had to include things such as the Head Tax, prejudices, and the poor living and working conditions.  It was assigned for homework if not completed in class.

After recess we did the Spelling Test on Unit 9 followed by some IPAD time for those students who were finished everything.  We also had awards handed out for the Accelerated Reading Points.

During buddies today, the students played a Math game with the grade ones.  It was great to watch them help to learn.

After lunch the students had PE and it was our final day for basketball.  We will be on to badminton next.

Last block was Music with Mr. Ma.


  1. Math to the end of P. 23
  2. Socials, letter to parents
  3. Skating on Monday- be prepared!
  4. Read a book to increase your Accelerated Reading points!

Enjoy the weekend!  Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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January 14, 2020

Hope everyone enjoyed the snow day yesterday and was able to stay warm!

This morning we continued to work on our fractions booklet up the the end of p. 15.  Some students continued on p. 16, and are doing fabulous!

During Science we played a game called Name That Bone!  What a fun way to learn!

After recess we did SRA cards, as many students were away today.

We were supposed to move the cardboard cabin on Monday, but due to the snow day, we decided to do it this morning before lunch.  It took us a little longer as I made a mistake on the plastic poles, but I told my class how wonderful they were in trying to get it done, even though it went into our lunch hour.  What a great bunch of students I have!

After lunch, the students had Music with Mr. Ma, followed by PE.  The students did a fantastic job in basketball today.  They are really really getting how to check others and how to pass!


  1. Math- up to the end of P. 15
  2. Book Orders due on the 16th
  3. Swimming on Thursday
  4. Pro D Day on Friday-no school for kids!

Have a great day!  Stay warm and be careful outside!  Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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January 10, 2010

This morning in Math continued on the Fractions booklet up to the end of P. 13.  It was assigned for homework.

In Socials we started to talk about the mistreatment of the Chinese immigrants when they came to Canada to work on the railroad.  We will continue this next day!

In Language Arts, we had our Spelling test , then looked at the written paragraphs we wrote yesterday.

During Buddy Time, each student received new buddies today and did some reading to them.

After lunch the students had PE and we played basketball.  We have a few more days of this , then we will start badminton.

Last block was Music with Mr. Ma and the students started to learn how to play the ukulele.


  1. Math – to the end of P. 13
  2. Book Orders due on the 16th
  3. Permissions forms are still needed by Roy, Ryder, Kaleb, McKenna, Casey, and Nesmah.
  4. Read for 30 minutes
  5. Enjoy the s_o_ but make sure you wear warm clothes on Monday, it will be cold, BRRRR

Have a great weekend!  Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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January 8th, 2020

Sorry for not posting, but technical problems occurred!

Happy New Year!  Welcome Back!

For the last few days we have started working on Fractions in Math.  Today I marked their booklets and also gave them a worksheet with a robot on the front!  That worksheet is assigned for homework!

During Socials, we had a lengthy discussion about the Underground Railroad.  We then swung over to discuss the events happening with the leader to the south of us, and how it could affect us!  Yikes!

After recess we worked on the Spelling puzzle page.  It was assigned for homework as well.

During the Health class, we discussed the harmful effects of Smoking tobacco.  We saw some really disgusting magazines that showed some dreadful things that happen to smokers!  I told the students that if they never smoke they will never have to quit!

After lunch we learned how to do a Powerpoint Presentation on “These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things.”  We did not get very far, but will do it next class.

Last block we are trying to finally finish our Pointillism picture.  They are due on Friday!


  1. Math -Robot worksheet (both sides)
  2. Book Orders due on the 16th
  3. Spelling Puzzle pages due tomorrow
  4. Art-Pointillism picture due Friday
  5. If you read this, put Yahoo!  in your agenda and you can win a chance to open the Mystery Box tomorrow!  Don’t tell others about this!  LOL

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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Last pictures of Curling!


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December 13, 2019

Wow, Friday the 13th!

First thing this morning we had the final math test on multiplication.  I will have them marked for Monday!

Second block the students had Music with Mr. Ma (from Tuesday’s missed class).

After recess the students tried to finish up their questions from the novel.  Some did not finish, but they will need to complete it on Monday.  We want to get the test done on Tuesday so we can have fun making some Christmas crafts!

We had buddies today and it was a STEM challenge.  Given only 2 pieces of paper and a certain length of tape, students needed to make the longest paper chain without it breaking.  Congratulations to Aria and her buddies for being the successful group!

After lunch we went to the gym with the other grade 5 classes and practiced our songs on the risers. They are looking and sounding great!

Last block they stayed in the gym to continue to practice, then had a bit of a game time with all the grade 5’s!


  1. We curl on Monday so make sure you bring your clean running shoes!
  2.  Raffle tickets on sale until Friday morning
  3. Concert rehearsal is starting at 12:30 on Tuesday
  4. Concert starts at 12:30 on Wednesday
  5. Spirit Week- Monday-Ugly Sweater day Tuesday-Carol in Your Pocket Wednesday Fancy Formal Thursday Christmas shirt ?red/green day and Friday-PJ day

Have a great weekend!  Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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