December 12, 2018

In Math today we continued on rounding.  We completed up to the end of 105.

In Language Arts today we watched the videos, Bridge to Terabithia.  It was way different than the book!  After the video, we did a comparison and the students came up with many differences and similarities!  Well done!  Also, we enjoyed the prize from the door decorating contest-yummy Booster Juice!  And… thanks to Kylee for the delicious chocolate chip cookies!

After lunch we went to the gym to practice with the other grade 5 classes.

Last block was Art and we worked on mosaics.


  1. Test on Science-Circulatory system on Friday
  2. Test in Socials on Monday ch. 2
  3. Career Fair tomorrow
  4. Basket raffle PAC sponsored 50 cents each
  5. French test on colours on Thursday 20th
  6. Math p. 105

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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December 11th, 2018

Today in Math we started rounding numbers.  We will try and finish this mini unit before Christmas.

The students have been practicing the Christmas Concert songs with Mr. Ma.

In Language Arts we worked on our Spelling Christmas words.  It will be fun worksheets for the week and next week.

In Science we reviewed for the upcoming test on the Circulatory System on Friday.  We started the skeletal system today as well.

After lunch we did some French colours followed by a new game in PE called Container Ball.


  1. Science Test on Friday
  2. Socials test on Monday on Chapter 2
  3. Career Fair on Thursday during school time and evening from 43:30-7:00
  4. Basket Raffle 50 cents each
  5. French test on colours Dec. 20th
  6. Some students need to bring in their pink form for Intermediate Activity Day

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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December 7, 2018

First block this morning we started off with Cottoneyed Joe and completed some exercises!  Later, we worked on our Math review as we have a test on multiplication on Monday!  Please review the sheet, as the test will be almost exactly the same!

Second block we tried to finish reading Bridge to Terabithia.  We didn’t quite make it, so we completed it after recess.  Yes, I cried again!!!!!!

After reading, we went over the Intermediate Activity Day sheets.  Studetns get to choose their activity that day and have their parents sign the pink form.  Please remember it on Monday!

We also had our Spelling test , then went to our Buddy class and did some reading.  Students were to take tests on their books as well as the grade 1’s.

After lunch we finished off our door, then went to the library for book exchange.


  1. Math test on Multiplication on Monday
  2. Intermediate Activity Day forms due next week
  3. Career Fair Dec. 13th, please attend the after school session from 3:30-7:00pm
  4. Read, read, read!

Have a wonderful weekend!  Cheers!  Ms. Kneller


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December 5, 2018

Today in Math we worked on page 75 in the Jump Math book.  We did not get to our quiz today, tomorrow for sure!

During Language Arts, we finished the questions on Chapters 10 & 11.

After recess we went to a presentation in the gym.  It was presented by Science World and BC Hydro.  It was rather exciting!  Ask your child about it!

We discussed various careers, and mentioned about the careers of the people that came today!

After lunch we had some students finish up their HoHoHo assignment while others looked up the cost of various things for our SNAP aAssessments.

Last block we did Door Decorating.


  1. Math-p. 75
  2. Lang Arts- chapter 10/11 questions
  3. Swimming tomorrow
  4. Used Book Sale this week
  5. Book Orders due tomorrow
  6. Report card envelopes from Kobe and Makaio please!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller


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December 4, 2018

First thing we did was update our Agenda calendar for December!

Today in Math we finished the worksheet on multiplication.  I am pleased that most people got it done and understand how to do it!  YEAH!  We will have a pop quiz tomorrow to see that people actually do have it down pat!

Second block the students went to see Mr. Ma for Music.

After recess we did Spelling, and I collected their work from yesterday.  We then did a word search followed by door decoration.  We will see how this is working out real soon!

After lunch we finished the skills marking on throwing and catching.  We discussed how skills and body awareness is important so we can throw and catch correctly.  We often have to move our bodies so we can be accurate!

During French we worked on a worksheet and a colouring picture.  It was not assigned for homework!


  1. Math- worksheet
  2. Read 15 minutes
  3. Swimming on Thursday
  4. School clothing order is due tomorrow
  5. Book orders due on Thursday
  6. Report card envelopes due ASAP

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller


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December 3, 2018

Today we did more multiplication questions!  We will continue this for a little bit!  I also went over some of the SNAP Assessments with students.  They will need to continue to do this until they have mastered it!  I will go over these tomorrow with the kids that I have not met with yet!

We read the sad chapter in Language Arts today and yes, I teared up.  Such a sad book!

After recess we started the door decorating for Christmas.  It was crazy, but fun none the less!

After lunch we started Unit 5 in Spelling, followed by Art where we worked on Mosaics.


  1. Make sure Socials is done from last week!
  2. Spelling-worksheet
  3. Read 15 minutes
  4. Book Sale 50 cents each for the rest of the week
  5. School clothing due 5th
  6. Book Orders due the 6th
  7. Report Card Envelopes

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller


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November 30, 2018

Today we started off with an assembly.  Congratulations to Briley for being the Student of the Month- Creativity!  Also, congratulations to the certificate winners for Accelerated Reading, and to Lily for getting three certificates and a prize!

Second block we read the next chapter in our novel, and by the end the kids were begging me to read the next chapter.  I told them we would read it on Monday!

During Socials, we worked on a review of Chapter 2.  It is a worksheet that goes over the main points (using the bold faced words) so the students have a good understanding of the information in this chapter.  It was assigned for homework.

During buddies today, the students were given two pieces of paper, a ruler and 30 cm. of tape.  They had to create the longest chain.  Congratulations to Aliyas and his buddy who had the longest!

After lunch we discussed the door decorating for next week, and everyone was assigned jobs to do.  Hopefully it will come together for us!

Last block, we had book exchange and had some time to read!


  1. Socials worksheet
  2. Read 20 minutes
  3. Student dance tonight 6:30-8:30
  4. Book Sale next week $0.50 a book
  5. School clothing order due Dec. 5th
  6. Book Orders due Dec. 6th
  7. Signed Report Card envelopes returned ASAP

Have a wonderful weekend!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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