November 17, 2017

Today in Math we worked in our Jump Math books on division.  I did not assign any of it for homework as it is a long weekend!

During the second block we had our Socials test on Ch. 2.  I will have them marked for Tuesday!  Later, we counted beads and finished up some Art!

After recess we started some Grammar!  It is not that exciting, but we managed to get it done!  It was on sentences and fragments.

Later, we had Buddy Reading with Mrs. Link’s grade 2 class.

PE was after lunch and the students chose Queen’s Court today (by secret vote!)  We later changed it to Enders!

Last block we did a game on the computer called Kahoot.  It was about the bear presentation from Tuesday!


  1. No school on Monday- PRO D day!
  2. Read a book over the weekend and be ready to take a test on it on Tuesday!
  3. Enjoy your long weekend and stay safe! See you on Tuesday!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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November 16, 2016

Today we went swimming at the recreation centre and the students had a fabulous time!  It was wonderful to see the students so active and enjoying the swim.

We returned just after recess and went on to Science, where we discussed the components of blood!  We also finished our worksheet on the circulatory system.

Later we had French where the students copied out the months of the year.  We then counted out beads for our beading project we are doing next week.

After lunch the students finished up their leaf picture and their poster using unique lettering.  If they did not finish, they will need to get it done tomorrow!

Last block the students had Music with Mr. Ma.


  1. Math p. 82-84 (from yesterday)
  2. Socials test on Ch. 2 tomorrow, please study!
  3. Neufeld Farms orders are due tomorrow
  4. Wacky Hair Day tomorrow
  5. Bring Back your Library Books!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller


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November 16, 2016

Today in Math we continued to introduce division!  We did pages 82-84 in our Jump Math book.  It was assigned for homework if not completed in class!  I also returned the Math tests and went over them!

We had a special presentation today as we had the ladies from the Black Bear Society come and discuss all about bears and she added in some facts about cougars and bobcats as well!  It was a wonderful presentation!

After recess we had a longer Socials period as we went over what was on the test for Chapter 2.  Were also did a review crossword puzzle to help.  I gave the students notes on what to study!

We had some time as we did not do Applied Skills, so I returned the French tests.  Congratulations to everyone as the lowest score was 22/24!  Wow, everyone got an A!

After lunch we had Language Arts Tech, where we caught up on assignments and then we played Kahoot.  I asked the students if they knew why they we did this, and hurray, they came up with the fact that I was making them read more!

During the last block we worked on some exercises in stations so that kids will be able to do the intervals in the morning fitness time.


  1. Math p. 82-84
  2. Book Orders due tomorrow
  3. Neufeld Farms orders due Friday
  4. Swimming tomorrow morning- bring suit, towel and plastic bag
  5. Snow Pass / Bear Info
  6. Socials- test on Ch 2 on Friday
  7. Wacky Hair day on Friday

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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November 14, 2017

I have lots of meetings today so I am posting this early!

Today in Math we started division!  We worked on pages 78-81 in the Jump Math book.  It was assigned for homework if not complete.

In Language Arts, we read the chapter on Easter from the novel.  We will do the assignment for it tomorrow!

After recess we had Science and continued to discuss the heart.  We started learning the 4 components of blood, but will finish it next class.

There was a change in the schedule today as we had Music before lunch.

After lunch I will hand back the math and spelling tests from last week.  At 1:15, we will go to the gym for a cultural performance.

Last block we will have the French test on colours, copy notes on the next topic, then clean up for agendas.


  1. Math p. 79-81
  2. Swimming on Thursday morning, so do not be late for school!
  3. Book Orders due on the 16th
  4. Neufeld Farms Order due on the 17th

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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November 10, 2017

Today the students had their multiplication test.  I will hopefully have them marked by Tuesday.

Second block we had Science and we finished labelling and colouring the heart.  We figured out what parts have oxygenated and unoxygenated blood.

After recess the students had the Remembrance Day Assembly.  It was wonderful to see all the art work and the presentations by the students.  I was so pleased that the students were all so respectful.

Our class helped clean up and then we came back and completed our Spelling Test.

After lunch the students had PE where we played Queen’s Court- Boys against the girls.  It was great fun!

Last block we tidied up, completed our agendas and then went to the library for  book exchange.

We ended the day with a little game and a reminder that there is no school on Monday as it is a stat holiday.


  1. No school on Monday
  2. French test on Tuesday
  3. Picture retakes on Tuesday
  4. Book Orders due Nov. 16 (new date)
  5. Neufeld Farms Orders due Nov. 17
  6. READ- take tests-get points-get prizes!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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November 9, 2017

Today in Math we went over the review sheet from yesterday.  The students have a test tomorrow, and it will be set up in the exact same way as the review, only the numbers will be changed! Please take time to review this tonight!

During Language Arts, we spent some time on Spelling and correcting the unit work from #5 worksheet.

After recess we discussed the heart and started the cut out diagram of the heart.  We labelled the right and left atriums and the right and left ventricles.

During French the students played LOTTO without using their notebooks!  Hopefully they will remember the colours for the test on Tuesday!

After lunch we painted our leaves with the q-tips.  They are looking rather good!  Some students did not finish this, but will have some time to complete it later this week or early next week.

Last block was Music with Mr. Ma.  The students have a project to complete by next week.  He is available at lunch if students wish to work on it then!


  1. Math test tomorrow, please review your sheet multiplication
  2. Spelling test tomorrow, please study!
  3. Book Orders are due on the 16( I changed the date as it was too early for some!)
  4. Neufeld Farms Food Orders- Nov. 17th
  5. Bring back library books for class tomorrow!  Please do not forget!
  6. Tomorrow will be our Remembrance Day Assembly after recess if you would like to join us!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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November 8, 2017

Today in Math I gave the students a review sheet on Multiplication in preparation for the test on Friday.  The test will be in the same set up as the review sheet.  I asked the students to finish it at home and to review it if they did get it done.  Better to be prepared for the test!

In Language Arts we finished reading Chapter 7 and found out some disturbing news about one of the characters in the story.  The students had to pretend they were Leslie and write a letter to Janice Avery.  It was assigned for homework if not complete.

After recess we finished reading about New France and found out that Canada was then ruled by the Monarchy from Great Britain.  We discussed how the Monarchy order of procession would be if the Queen  passed away.  Please ask your child if they know who is next in line.

We started a new project in Applied Skills but we did not get too far! We will continue it next time!

After Lunch we were treated to a presentation by Urban Safari.  I have included some pictures.  Can you remember what the name of all the animals are?


Last block we had PE where we did some exercises with the resistance bands and the foam grips.


  1. Ch 7 Novel- Letter to Janice
  2. French test on colours on Tuesday
  3. Book Orders due on the 10th
  4. Neufeld Farms orders due 17th
  5. Math test on Friday
  6. Math- finish and review Math Review from today

Cheers!  I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  Ms. Kneller

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