December 6, 2017

This morning for Math we completed the blue worksheets for those that were struggling and I gave them a puzzle page on division.  We will finish up that worksheet and start on the word problems tomorrow!

In Language Arts we finished up the questions for the last two chapters and started on a review sheet!

After recess we worked on Unit 7 spelling work.  It will be due tomorrow, so some students will have it for homework!  We also had to get our stuff ready for curling this afternoon!

Later, we worked on our door for the decorating contest.  We will try and do more tomorrow!

After lunch we went curling.  It was great fun as the students learned how to do in and out turns!


  1. Science test on the circulatory system tomorrow!
  2. Spelling- Unit 7 both worksheets
  3. Book Orders due Friday
  4. Learn your song for the concert
  5. Pass for skiing!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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December 5, 2017

Today in Math the students had a little quiz on division.  I will check them tonight and see how they are doing.  The students who do not fully understand it will need more practice, but those that get it will be doing something else!

During Language Arts, we finished reading the novel and I had a good little cry while reading it!  Such a good novel!  We started on the questions, and will finish it tomorrow!  We will be doing some review and then a final test will occur!

After recess we had our heart dissection.  We also had a review so that students will do well on their test on Thursday.  Check out these pictures!IMG_0927.JPGIMG_0928.JPGIMG_0929.JPGIMG_0930.JPGIMG_0931.JPGIMG_0932.JPGIMG_0933.JPGIMG_0934.JPG

During French some students needed to catch up on some work and then we played LOTTO using the calendar words.  We will continue to practice them!

After lunch was PE where we did stations with throwing and catching .  Students will be doing this on Friday as well, as they definitely need more practice with it!

Last block the students had time with Mr. Ma, and here they practiced for the Christmas Concert.


  1. Science Test on circulatory system on Thursday, so read over the textbook!
  2. Need extra running shoes and warm clothes for curling tomorrow!
  3. Book Orders due Friday
  4. Learn song for Concert

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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December 4, 2017

A big welcome to our new student, Rachel, from Boston Bar!

Today in Math the students worked on another division page.  This time it has three or four digits in the quotient( the answer).  We will mark it tomorrow and the students will have a pop quiz to see how they are doing.  I want to finish up with division real soon!

During Language Arts, the students almost finished the novel.  We have 2 pages left, but ran out of time today.  We will finish it tomorrow and then do the worksheets on it!

After recess we had Socials and we reviewed how the Black people were sold as slaves and how they were treated.  We are now talking about when the Chinese people immigrated to Canada and how they were treated.  We discussed the Head Tax, and how they were mistreated when building the railroad.

We had Spelling before lunch as we would be doing a project after lunch.  We wrote the words out for Unit 7 and completed the worksheet on it.

After lunch we started the door decorating.  We are going to be doing this for some time!  Oh what fun it is!


  1. Math- blue sheet , odd only
  2. Book Orders
  3. Learn song
  4. Science Test on Thursday on the Circulatory Sysyem
  5. Spelling- Unit 7

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller


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Curling pictures- November 29th


As you can see, the students had a few falls, but the smiles on their faces was absolutely wonderful to see!  I am so proud of my students!  Yahoo, we get to curl again on Friday!


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November 30, 2017

First thing this morning we had an assembly!  Congratulations to Sophie for being the Student of the Month for Creativity!  Way to go!  Also congrats to Rod and Nevaeh for having their names pulled from the Bear Paws! Also, a big congratulations to Rod for the wonderful work he did on making a bat house!  Wow, what a fabulous job!



Later on, Rod told us a bit more about his project the students had a chance to ask questions about it.  Tomorrow he will show us the written work he did on his project.

I also told the students a funny story about my bat escapade and hopefully they learned you can’t get rabies from having a bat in your car!

Later on, we practiced our Christmas song for the concert.

After recess we played Kahoots and did 25 questions on the circulatory system.  It was a review for the test next Thursday!

During French we worked on two worksheets on days of the week and months of the years.  I was surprised when students did not know their months and various events which happen each month!

After lunch we started a weaving project with Mr. Robinson.  It will take us several classes to get this done.

Last block was with Mr. Ma.


  1. French- both worksheets if not completed in class
  2. Book Orders due next week
  3. Learn song for concert
  4. Spelling test tomorrow- please study
  5. Science test on the circulatory system next Thursday
  6. Running shoes and warm clothes needed for curling tomorrow!
  7. School Family Dance tomorrow from 6:30-8:30  Students must be accompanied by a parent

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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November 28, 2017

Today in Math we finished p. 98 and started on a white division sheet.  Students had to do up to #10 for homework.

In Language Arts, the students worked on comprehension questions from ch. 10+11.  It was assigned for homework if not completed in class.

After recess we decided to try the pumping heart simulation.  Students were given roles for parts of the heart  or things affiliated with the circulatory system and we made the blood pass through the heart and into the body, then return to the heart again.  It was fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Later, we discussed the months of the year and days of the week in French.  We started on a worksheet to help learn the new vocabulary.

After lunch we played Slide tag, an invasion game involving lots of strategy.  The students did much better this time around!

Last block the students practiced their song for the Christmas Concert.


  1. Math p. 98 + 10 questions on white sheet
  2. Book Orders
  3. Learn song
  4. Need an extra pair of shoes + warm clothing for curling tomorrow.
  5. Ch. 10+11 in novel worksheet

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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November 27, 2017

Today in Math we worked on p. 97 & 98.  Only 97 was assigned for homework.

In Language Arts, we read two chapters from the novel.  They were very sad chapters and I cried! I was not the only ones shedding tears, so I know the story touched others’ hearts as well.

After recess we read from Ch 3 and found out about the Underground Railway and how other immigrants came to Canada.

During the next block, we did some planning for the door decorating contest and decided what exactly we are doing, and who will be doing what.  We had a vote on things to make it fair, as that is what democracy is all about!

After lunch we had Spelling where we started on Unit 6.  Later, we had some catch up time and game time.


  1. Math p. 97
  2. Candy House Raffle
  3. Bring back report card envelopes signed

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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