November 29, 2018

Today in Math we did corrections, corrections, and even more corrections!  We also worked on some multiplication worksheets to help learn the steps involved in double digit multiplication.

The students had Music with Mr. Ma today.

After recess we had Language Arts, and the students finished the questions on Chapters 8/9.  It was assigned for homework if not complete.

During Science, we joined up with Mr. Froese’s class and tried to make blood flow through a working heart.  We managed to do it slowly, but could not figure it out when we picked up the speed.  I think with more time, we would have got it!

After lunch we had PE and it was testing day on throwing and catching.  We will need to finish this next week.

Last block we went over the report cards, and how the marks work.  We also discussed how Honour Roll and Merit Roll work.  I handed out the report cards and then we checked up on our french colour words.


  1. Math Ed Helper  20 questions on multiplication
  2. Ch. 8/9 questions in novel
  3. Student Dance tomorrow night from 6:30-8:30
  4. Movie Night tonight @ HSS Donation of a canned food or $2-see handout
  5. School Clothing Order-handout- due Dec. 5th
  6. Book Orders-due Dec. 6th
  7. Report Cards went home today-return signed envelope tomorrow

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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November 28, 2018

Today in Math we did another worksheet on multiplication.  We will be doing this for some time, as many are still struggling with doubly digit multiplication.  I also looked at the books and many have corrections to be done.  As well, many did not complete their homework, GRRRRRR so they had to stay in at lunch to finish up!

During Language Arts we read the remainder of Chapter 9 and found out it was not the sad chapter yet, although many thought it would be.  We will finish the questions tomorrow!

After recess we had Teacher’s Choice, and it will be Times Tables drills for quite some time.  We have a new system to practice, and I encourage the students to practice it often!

In Socials we finished off the chart on the newcomers to New France.  We saw how they endured some hardships as they had to eat buds off the trees!  We then learned that the British came to New France and overtook the French.  It now was a British colony!

After lunch we did another assignment to see if students could save something on their USB.  It was a marked assignment.  If students were away, they will need to catch up on this!

Last block was Art, and we started doing Mosaics.  Pictures should be finished by the end of the class, or they will need to finish them tomorrow!


  1. Read Accelerated Reading Book -20 minutes
  2. School Dance Friday 6:30-8:300 must be accompanied by an adult!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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November 27, 2018

This morning we continued to work on double digit multiplication.  We will continue to work on it some more this week and next.

The students had Music with Mr. Ma, and they are working hard to learn the words for the songs for the Christmas concert!

After recess we had Language Arts, and we did a grammar sheet on plurals, then a journal entry.  I read to some of the students that were away yesterday to get them caught up in our novel.

Right before lunch (bad timing what!!!!!) we had our direction of the hearts.  Thanks so much to Fischer’s uncle who caught an elk and donated the heart to us to look at, as well as a kind soul from Hope who gave us the cow heart!  It was rather gross, and interesting at the same time!  I will post pictures at the end!

After lunch we had PE and we did skills today.  I will be testing them on Thursday!

Last block was French, and we reviewed the colours and played Lotto.  In oder to help them remember the colour gold, I gave them a golden Oreo.  Dore!


  1. Math- 12 questions from the board and P. 74 in Jump Math
  2. Student Dance on Friday 6:30-8:30pm

Cheers!  Ms, KnellerIMG_1680.JPGIMG_1681.JPGIMG_1682.JPGIMG_1683.JPGIMG_1684.JPGIMG_1685.JPGIMG_1686.JPGIMG_1687.JPGIMG_1688.JPGIMG_1689.JPGIMG_1690.JPGIMG_1691.JPGIMG_1693.JPGIMG_1694.JPG

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November 26, 2018

This morning we started double digit division by using colours to help the students learn the steps.  We will continue this tomorrow, to ensure they get this concept.

In Language Arts, we read Ch 8 and part of 9.  We will get to the rest tomorrow!

After recess we had Socials, and we learned of the foods  that the French ate while they came to the new land called New France.  We will finish this on Wednesday.

We completed our agendas and then had a workshop where they learned how to do Hip Hop dance.  It was wonderful!

After lunch we had skating at the arena.  A big thank you to the other Grade 5 teachers who walked with my class, as I drove there.  It was a great day!  I will include pictures at the end!  Hopefully by next time we go, we will have students able to skate without using the bars!


  1. Read for at least 20 minutes
  2. Student dance Friday- 6:30-8:30-A parent must come with you!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller


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November 23, 2018

This morning in Math it was a disaster!  I thought the students knew what to do for double digit multiplication, but they did not!  Totally my fault!   SO….. we will go over it on Monday, step by step!  If we make a mistake, own it and then fix it!  That is what I am doing!  Looking forward to Monday’s class!

We had a Bear Aware presentation by Lydia Koot today.  She did a fabulous job and made us aware of things we should do if we ever come into contact with a bear or cougar!

After recess we did Science, and discussed the heart a little bit more.  We will do a direction on Tuesday!

We then learned how to do a Venn Diagram, as we were doing this with our buddy class.  It was great fun working with our buddies!

After lunch was a top secret class, we were discussing what we would do for the Christmas door decorating contest.  I cannot say what the students voted for, but you could secretly ask them!

Last block was book exchange in the library.


  1. skating on Monday- bring helmet and skates
  2. Read 1 hour
  3. Dancing class on Monday
  4. Student dance Nov. 30- 6:30-8:30
  5. Read Bear Aware stuff

Have a great weekend.  Report cards go home next Thursday!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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November 22, 2018

This morning we started on page 74, then did a Math times tables practice or test.  All students now have a drill to practice their times tables so they can memorize them.

Second block was Music with Mr. Ma, and the students had to choose what they wanted to do for the Christmas Concert.

Just before recess, we left to go to the pool.  A big thank you to Mr. Hoshowski for walking to and from the pool with my class.

After lunch we had our regular PE class, and we played Gutterball. It was nice to see the kids cheering each other on!

Last block was French, and we completed the worksheet on colours from last day, then did another one today.  If finished early, they had some free time.


  1. Bear Aware -tomorrow
  2. Pointillism picture due tomorrow
  3. Bring back library books
  4. Student Dance Friday, Nov. 30  6:30-8:30pm  An adult must accompany the child

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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November 21, 2018

In Math today we worked on Pages 71,72 and 73.  It was assigned for homework.

During second block, we finished Chapter 7 from our novel and then did some Accelerated Reading.

After recess we had Teacher’s Choice.  Today we started a new program to help students learn their times tables.  Hopefully this will give them the review that is needed to get them to memorize all the tables.

We then read in our text book more of chapter 2.  We discussed it and then started to learn about the people that came to what is known as Canada from France.  They called the new land, New France!

After lunch we had Fit Kids in the gym.

Last block we worked on the Pointillism picture for Art.  I am looking forward to having them up on the board soon!

****A big thank you to Kieffer, Briley, Alyvia, Joel and Lily for being TERRIFIC Kid Fit Coaches!  You all ROCK!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Math p. 71,72,73
  2. Lang. Arts- Chapter 7
  3. Swimming tomorrow- bring towel, suit and bag
  4. Bear Aware on Friday
  5. Pointillism picture due on Friday

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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