April 19, 2017

Today we finished up to the end of P. 124 and tomorrow the students will have a test on money in the afternoon.

In Language Arts, the students learned about Acrostic Poems and wrote a poem about their teacher!  It sure was fun!

In Socials I read a story called Mush-Hole, about Residential Schools.  It was very informative and powerful.  We then talked about the Indian Act and the students realized that perhaps it needs to be reworded, ads it is not very good!

During Tech, we finished off Assignment 7 and I marked it.  Students  started on Assignment 8, about their middle name!  Should be interesting!

After lunch we had Book Exchange in the library, and we came back and played a game called Concentration.  Congratulations to Mandy for being the ultimate winner!  Way to go!

Last block the students had Music.


  1. Math- up to p. 124
  2. Socials corrections on crossword if not passing!
  3. Socials retest on Friday for those who did not pass on Gov’t test
  4. Math test tomorrow on Money
  5. Poetry Recital- must have poems memorized for April 21.

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller


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April 18, 2017

Today in Math we continued in the Jump Math book.  Students should be finished up to p. 122.

In Language Arts, we learned about the Haiku Poem.  Today we wrote some beautiful poems!

During Science, we talked about the three R’s -Reduce, Reuse,  Recycle.  We started on Ch. 9 as well, but students will be doing a review on Thursday of Ch. 8!

French was a game called Hangman.  The students Vs Ms. Kneller, needless to say, they won!  We will try again another day!

After lunch the students chose to play Danish Kickball in gym class, followed by Applied skills, where the students learned how to make a sling for someone using a triangular bandage!


  1. Math- up to p. 122 Test will be on Thursday!
  2. Socisal
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April 10, 2017

Today we did Mental Math during the first block and then I returned the Pop Quiz from last week.  If your child did poorly on the quiz, please go over some money questions with your child.

We had a guest speaker from Hope Mountain who taught the students about the Fraser Watershed.  there were many things to look at and great hands on things as well!  This will help them for the field trip tomorrow.

After recess we started a new unit in Socials, Residential Schools.  We had a class discussion, and then I showed a video called Shi-shi-etko.  It was about a young girl heading off to Residential School at a young age of 5.

During the Language Arts block, we wrote in our journals today.  Students were told a funny story about a ripped bathing suit, and then they needed to tell a story about themselves or someone they knew.

After lunch the students had Drama followed by Art.  Today we started on landscapes.  We will finish it this week.


  1. Field Trip tomorrow to the river- wear appropriate clothing and running shoes.
  2. Play Land Form- please read
  3. PE strip is needed for tomorrow- we start Track and Field
  4. Book Orders due April 12th

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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April 7, 2017

Sorry, did not post yesterday, we had a staff meeting!

Today we updated our agenda books as we have a mountain of things happening in our classroom.  Please ask your child about them!

Later, we worked on Math, pages 117 was assigned for homework!  Will have the Pop Quiz marked for Monday!

Students had a Socials test on Government today.  I will have them marked for Monday.

After recess the students had their Spelling Test and worked on the Novel questions for Chapters 23 +24.  I did not assign them for homework!

During Buddy Reading, the students read with their buddies.  They were to ask between 10-20 questions about the book their buddy read, as to make connections.  They did a fabulous job!

After lunch, the students had dancing with the dance teacher we have hired.  A much better effort today!  The students should be very proud of themselves!

Last block we listened to Chopin and worked on our cartoon picture showing movement.  It was assigned for homework if not completed in class today!


  1. Art- movement cartoon
  2. Math- end of p. 117
  3. READ at least 30 minutes from Accelerated Reading book
  4. Permission slip for Nestle Water Field Trip
  5. Book Orders due April 12th

Have a fabulous weekend!  Remember to READ, READ, READ, as I will be looking at Accelerated Reading totals on Monday afternoon!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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April 5, 2017

Today in Math we started on Page 116 in our Jump Math books.  I absent mindedly said we needed to go to the author visit, but then realized I was one hour early!  Oops!  We continued on Math, then worked on a review for Socials, as we needed to do a review for the test on Friday!

The author visit, Caroline Adderson was absolutely wonderful.  The students asked lots of questions at the end and showed that they were very good listeners doing the presentation.

We arrived back just a little before lunch, but had enough time to finish our Socials review.

After lunch the students had book exchange and Spelling.  We tried to finish up Unit 16 worksheets, but some still have it for homework.

Last block was Music with Mrs. Cromerty.


  1. Socials test on Friday on Gov’t
  2. Math -must finish p. 116
  3. Spelling- Unit 16 worksheets
  4. Permission Slip for Nestle Waters tour
  5. Book Orders are due April 12th

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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April 4, 2017

Today we started off with completing p. 114 and 115 in Math.  It was assigned for homework.

In Language Arts, we read three chapters from our book.  The other students worked on their SRA booklets.

After recess, the students had a chance to look at other students’ rock collections.  It was an interesting  class, and I really enjoyed that students could tell a little about where their rocks came from.

In French the students were handed back their last days worksheets and they had a new one to do today on foods.  I did not assign it for homework, but will ask the students to finish it up next class.

In PE today, the students had their last day of Floor Hockey.

Last block in Applied Skills, the students learned about unconscious choking victims.  We discussed what to do, and then practiced putting the victim in the prone position should they need to leave the person to get help.  I must admit, the students did a fabulous job once they got over the shock of having to touch another person!


  1. Art- little head, big body due tomorrow, movement cartoon due Friday
  2. Socials- Test on Gov’t on Friday, will have a review sheet tomorrow!
  3. Math- p. 114+115
  4. Book Orders due Apr. 12

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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March 15, 2017

Today we started off with getting organized, handing out things and putting papers into binders/ duo tangs.  At 9:00 we went to Mr. Hoshowski’s room to listen to a presentation from the Public Health nurses about PUBERTY!  Just before recess, the boys and girls were divided into groups where they each had their own sessions.  Please discuss anything that your child might want to ask you, as there was a lot of information presented.

Right before lunch, to lighten the day, we played a new game called Wink Murder!  It was really fun to watch !

After lunch the students had book exchange, followed by Spelling.  Last block was Music.


  1. Math p. 112
  2. Spelling – worksheets on Unit 15 are due tomorrow!  Test on Friday!
  3. French- worksheet on Food!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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