May 30, 2018

Today in Math we continued on Measurement and started on Area.  I did not assign any homework, but likely will by tomorrow!

During Language Arts, we did a self evaluation on Communication that will be part of the student’s report card and will go in their file.

After recess we discussed the Indian Act and learned how the gov’t treated Indians back then.  We have learned some dreadful statements that are mentioned in the Act.

Later, we did an update of our Agenda Book calendar as well as doing a run for the upcoming Track Meet.

After lunch the students did a STAR Reading Test followed by some reading.  At 1:30, Lillian, our First Nations Support Worker, came in to help us with the pouches and beading for the pouches.  We will spend one more class on this.


  1. Permission Slip for the Water Slides
  2. Book Orders due June 8
  3. Track Meet on Friday- be prepared with running shoes, PE strip and a water bottle.
  4. French- worksheet on food

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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May 28, 2018

In Math we did two pages together and there was nothing assigned for homework.  There are several people who need to catch up on their work in Math!

In Language Arts, we worked on the Poetry booklet.  I did not assign anything for homework.

In Socials, we discussed who has power over us and what kind of power they have.  We will be trying it in to how the gov’t agents took children from reserves and brought them to Residential Schools.

In Art we finally finished our Fuzzy Wallpaper project and worked on Something’s Wrong.  We will finish it next class.

After lunch we copied the list words of our final Spelling Unit for the year!  We did the exercises on Unit 17, then we worked on our pouch project with Lillian.  Today some started the beading!


  1. Math- get caught up to p. 270
  2. Read- 15 minutes
  3. Friday- Track Meet

Special words today…… wait for it…… yahoo!  No more spelling after this week!  Please write this into your agenda and I will give you a prize!  Yahoo!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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May 22, 2018

Hello, and welcome back after a looooooong weekend!

Today in Math we had lessons on measurement and discussed how to calculate Perimeter, Area and Volume!  We also discussed how to measure correctly!  We completed p. 256-258 in class.  Some students are behind and need to catch up tonight!

In Language Arts we read from our Poetry booklets and discussed each poem.  We will answer the questions next class.

In Science we read and took notes on the two kinds of mining, Underground and Open Pit.  This will tie into our Chocolate Chip Mining activity!

In French we learned some of the new vocabulary and played LOTTO.  We made sure that everyone has copied the notes.

After lunch the students worked on High Jump in PE.  Last block was dancing with Mr. Ma.


  1. Math p. 256-258
  2. Notice for the Track Meet
  3. Carnival on Thursday 5:30-8:00 at the High School
  4. Swimming on Thursday (must make sure your work is up to date or you will be catching up then!)
  5. Art Gala on Thursday 4:30-6:00
  6. Movie@7:00 pm at the school Despicable Me 3

Cheers!     Ms.  Kneller

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May 17, 2018

It was wonderful to come to school today and hear of all the terrific stories about how much fun my class had at Playland yesterday!  I was also so pleased to hear that the behaviour was awesome and everyone was polite.  I am so happy that the students represented our school so well!

First block we had a presentation from Tamara from HATS about drugs and alcohol.  This is part of the curriculum and it is wonderful to have trained people to come in and discuss things with these very important issues with the class.

We then did a practice write for the upcoming District Wide Write.  We will be doing this next Wednesday.  It is a time where I evaluate their writing and see if the students are Not Yet Meeting, Minimally Meeting, Fully Meeting or Exceeding Expectations in Writing.

I returned the many assignments and tests from earlier this week.  We went over them all and then filed them in their folder.

In French we started a new unit on Foods!  We copied the notes from the board today.

After lunch we continued on our Fuzzy Wallpaper project for Optical Illusion Art.  Some finished it and then had free time.

Last block was dancing with Mr. Ma.


  1. Swimming Report Card was handed out today
  2. No school tomorrow or Monday
  3. READ over the weekend!
  4. PAC food orders from Neufeld Farms- please support our PAC, as they support our school field trips.
  5. Have a wonderful long weekend!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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May 15, 2018

This morning we had our last swimming lessons.

After recess we had a science test on Ch. 9 and then we discussed our field trip tomorrow.  I answered as many questions as I could.

A highlight:

*no electronics- for fear of being lost or damaged

*bring food and a water bottle

*can bring money but realize that the line ups will be really long and you will waste time

*bring a hat, sunscreen and shoes that will not fall off

*bring stuff in your backpack

*money should in a a wallet or in a resealable plastic bag stored in your backpack

*Need to be here by 7:45 as the bus will be leaving at 8:00 SHARP- Do not be late, we will leave without you!

*Will return back to the school at 4:00pm, will need to get a ride home at the end of the day


The afternoon was spent listening to the wonderful Blues Berries and then dancing with Mr. Ma

******No Homework tonight, come with all your stuff needed for tomorrow in your backpack.  Take out unnecessary stuff to make it lighter!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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May 14th, 2018

Today in Math we had a retest on Algebra as students did poorly on the first test.  I will mark them tonight!

Second block we read some poems, one called Casey Up To Bat, and found out it was written 130 years ago!  We also read some other poems and discussed the rhyming pattern.  We started analyzing some poems in the booklet I handed out today.

After recess we started our unit on Residential Schools.  We did a sort on the words from the story She-Shi-Etco and then watched the video.  It was a very powerful story!

We finished up our Bent Paper project in Art and started our Fuzzy Wallpaper project.

After lunch I handed back a huge amount of work and then we discussed the upcoming District Wide Write.  We went over the rubric for grading the writing.  We will be doing the write next week.

Last block was a review on Science for the test tomorrow and then we did some reading from the Accelerated Reading.


  1. Science Test on Ch. 9 tomorrow
  2. Swimming stuff needed for tomorrow-last day of lessons!
  3. Read!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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May 11, 2018

Today in Math the students had a test on algebra and equations using variables.  Most students did not do well on this test, so there will be a retest on Monday!  Please review your book!

During Science we reviewed Ch. 9 and read from the text on Renewable Resources (solar and hydroelectric were mentioned in the book, but don’t forget wind power!

After recess we had our usual spelling test and we did some reading.

We went to Buddy Time early as we were working on a special project for the weekend!

After lunch the students were set up in three stations and we did the Long Jump, Shot Put, and Softball Throw. We are preparing for the Track Meet coming up at the very beginning of June!

Last block we finished our review crossword puzzle and that extra word we could not figure out was ocean boats or speedboats!  This crossword puzzle was made by Mr. H!  No wonder why I could not figure it out!  Ha, ha!

We had book exchange today as well.


  1. Math retest on Monday
  2. Book Orders due on Monday
  3. Science test on Ch 9 on Tuesday
  4. Notice- about lice in our classroom
  5. Read, read lots please!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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