March 7, 2018

A test on Money was the first thing the students did this morning!  I will have them marked as quickly as I can!

During Language Arts, the students worked on their spelling puzzle pages.  They were assigned for homework.

After recess we started Ch 6 Aboriginal Gov’t.  We did not get very far on the worksheet as we were talking about voting vs. consensus.

Later during Applied Skills, I introduced a new project the students will be doing.  It is called Maker Day, and it means that we will be creating an item that will help the elderly in one of the ailments that they may have.  For example, if mobility is a problem, how could you make a walker out of items found around the house or school.  I will be giving the students a project sheet after Spring Break to give them more details about how the project will be marked.  The whole idea was to get the students to start thinking about what they could start collecting and making!

After lunch we used the computers to try and make three types of graphs (pie, line and bar) to give information about our Pizza Survey.  It was a time to explore and learn!

During the last few minutes we played some Kahoot games on the computer!


  1. Spelling puzzle pages
  2. Book Orders due March 9th
  3. Intermediate Activity Day handout- what you need to bring with you!
  4. Swimming stuff for tomorrow- we leave right away, so don’t be late!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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