December 13, 2017

Today in Math we started rounding!  The students worked on P. 101-103.  It was assigned for homework today.

In Language Arts, the students worked on SRA.

After recess the students had to pretend they were a young immigrant Chinese man who came to Canada to work on the railroad.  Their assignment was to write a letter home to their parents telling them what their life is like now.  They had to include the trip over on the boat, their working conditions, and their living conditions.  We will finish the letter tomorrow.

I returned the Novel tests and we went over them.  We also had to get ready for curling this afternoon, so shoe washing and helmet sizing was an important job!  Students read their books while people were getting things done!

This afternoon we had our last curling session.  I am so pleased that the students had fun and learned some curling!  I hope they continue to try it, perhaps they will be in the Jr. league once they get to high school!



  1. We are swimming first thing so bring suit, towel etc.
  2. Math P. 101-103
  3. Raffle tickets!
  4. Used Book Sale tomorrow
  5. Coquihalla Idol forms 

    Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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