December 11, 2017

Today in Math we worked on P. 100 and did a review worksheet on division in preparation for the test tomorrow.

In Language Arts we finished off the worksheets and did an Accelerated Reading Test on the novel own preparation for the test tomorrow.

After recess we watched some video clips on the immigration of the Chinese People and how they were treated so poorly by Canadians.  We talked about the Head Tax and how the Gov’t kept increasing it to prevent too many immigrants from coming.

We also learned that we did not win the door decorating contest but I am pleased that the kids did a great job and loved doing it!  Well done!

During Art we worked on our weaving project.  We will be doing this for some time.

After lunch we started a Christmas Spelling list.  It has 24 words and some of them are quite difficult!  We will spend 2 weeks on this list!

Last block was Teacher’s Choice and we started the Skeletal System in Science.  We are learning the Scientific names of the bones!  Oh what fun!


  1. Math review worksheet
  2. Book Orders from the 2 stragglers who keep forgetting them!
  3. Novel test tomorrow on Bridge to Terabithia
  4. Math test on division tomorrow
  5. Used Book Sale $0.50 each, going all this week
  6. Raffle $0.50 each or 3 for $1.00

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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