December 8, 2017

Wow, what a day! Today in Math we continued on with some division work as several students felt they needed a little more time to grasp it! We will be having our test on Tuesday!

During the next block, we worked on our door! It looks fabulous and the students did a wonderful job! Pictures to follow!
After recess we continued to finish up and then did our Spelling test. Each student also handed in their Unit 7 work for me to mark!
After lunch we had PE where we did our circuits of throwing and catching. We are working on accuracy in throwing and catching, along with good form. We will continue this next class.
Last block we had Library book Exchange and some students either got a book from the school library or the class library. I told them they all need to read more!
1. Math worksheet on division
2. Book Orders will be due on Monday as some needed extra time
3. Novel test will be on Tuesday as we did not get to it today!
4. Math test on division will be on Tuesday as well
5. Read, Read, Read!
6. Have a fabulous weekend! If you want, go check out the curling on the weekend! Oh what fun!

Cheers! Ms. Kneller

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