May 26, 2017

Today we started off looking like somebody else as it was Twin/Triplet day!  It sure was fun to see the many students and staff dressed up!

We had an assembly today and congratulations to Kaiz for being student of the month for Athletics!

When we returned we did a survey on line for the student vote.  It took us awhile, but we managed!

After recess the students had IPad time if they completed all their work, while others used this time as a catch up period.  We tried doing a Kahoot today and it was fun!  We will do this again!

After that, we went down to Mrs. Link’s class to do buddy time.  Today was writing, and they created some wonderful stories using terrific sentences.

After Lunch we had PE, where we learned how to do the High Jump for the first time this year!  We started off low, and we will try it again on Tuesday make it go i=even higher!

Last block we put the final coat on our rocks.  We will do the other side on Monday!


  1. PAC food orders
  2. Hot Dog Orders for Fun Day next week!
  3. READ!

Have a fabulous weekend!  Cheers!  Ms. Kneller


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