May 23, 2017

It certainly has been some time since I wrote on here!  Sorry!

Today in Math we finished up some projects and then reviewed our math reviews for the test tomorrow.

In Language Arts, we did a worksheet on the Indigenous Games as it relates to Socials and the Residential Schools!  We will finish the booklet tomorrow.

In Science we did a new kind of review called Kahoots.  It was a review of Ch. 10 for the test on Thursday!

In French we played Lotto with our new words on the body (le corps).

After lunch we did Survivor challenge in PE and then returned to class to try and finish up the First Aid booklet.  We are so close to getting it done!


  1. PAC Food orders
  2. Book Orders due on the 25th
  3. Carnival at HSS on Thursday night 5:30-8:00 (come at 6:00 if you want to throw a pie in my face!)
  4. Math- test tomorrow so review papers
  5. Science test on Ch. 10 on Thursday
  6. Lang. Arts -Indigenous Games should be complete
  7. If you read this, tell me in the morning and you will win a prize!  Yahoo!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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