April 26, 2017

Today in Math we started Algebra in book 2 of our Jump Math!  Yahoo!  Students had to work on P. 175 and 176 today.

In Language Arts, we had our poetry recital today.  I must say, the students did a fabulous job memorizing and reciting their poem!  Well done everyone!

After recess we were supposed to have a band play for us, but they ended up not showing up!  Instead, we worked on the Tech assignments (#7 and 8)  Wow, we are awesome!

After lunch we went to peruse books at the book fair.  Some students bought things there and some just window shopped!

After that, the students played a quick game and some figured out the pattern.  I will tell them tomorrow!

Last block the students had Music and then  went with Mrs. Cromerty and skipped as part of Action Schools!  It was neat to watch everyone in the school skipping!


  1. Math. 176
  2. Book Fair this week
  3. Family Night- Thursday 5-7 Art Gala and Bookfair!  Donations to the Food Bank is the entry to the Art Gala!
  4. Playland forms and $10 ASAP!  Thanks!
  5. Cheers!  Ms. Kneller
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