April 21, 2017

Today we did a wonderful thing for our community and ourselves, we picked up garbage.  I know it is not a glamorous thing to do, but I am so very proud of the students in my class.  They collected so much litter and were like little soldiers out there.  I was especially happy to hear the comments from the residents of this town thanking the kids for doing this.  Wow, Awesome!!!!!!

After recess the kids were given a little extra time for play as we came back at the end of recess.  Shortly after that, we came inside and the students tried to complete the MEGA CHALLENGE in the novel study.  What a blast to watch them work in teams to try and figure out all the answers.  The students that did not read the novel worked on a reading book and I am proud to say they did fabulous as well!

Wow had buddies today where we worked on a written assignment like Mad Libs.  It was hilarious to hear the words they came up with in the story!

After lunch the students had silent reading followed by PE.  We went outside to enjoy the sunshine and play on the Primary playground.

Art was on for last block and we were going to start painting, but decided to wait and we did the landscape pictures first.

Lastly, we talked about the upcoming field trip to Nestle on Tuesday and the permission slips were handed out for PlayLand.  The cost is $10.


  1. Poetry recital is April 26- memorize your poem!
  2. No school on Monday!
  3. Wear running shoes on Tuesday for Nestle Water Plant tour.
  4. Book Fair starts next week
  5. READ your book and take a test on Accelerated Reading!
  6. Have a fabulous weekend!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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