Monday, September 28, 2105

Today in Math we marked several pages in our Jump Math book.  We then worked on pages 45 and 46.  It was assigned for homework.

In Socials today we reviewed the provinces and capital cities.  We played a little game to help with memorizing all the new words!  Keep studying as a test on this will be happening soon!

The students had Music today and then returned to do Language Arts.  We finished doing chapter 1 questions together, and then started reading chapter 2.

After lunch the students had another block of Language Arts.  Here they did something called Extreme Writing.  They had to write for 20 minutes on one of three topics.  (about the moon).  The object was to write as many words as they could.  Next class, they will have to try and beat that total.

Last block we had PE, and we usually do this in the classroom.  Today was a beautiful day, so we went outside to play on the adventure playground!

Remember to study for your Science test on Thursday!

Don’t forget the Open House, tomorrow from 6-7pm.  I would love to have a chance to meet you!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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