Tuesday, Sept. 22/15

Second post of the year, yahoo!

Today in Math we worked on pages 39-42.  It was assigned for homework if not completed in class.

In science we finished off the worksheet labeling the digestive system.  I tried to show a video on a camera being put down somebody body, but we had internet issues!

In Language Arts we read the first chapter of our novel, Bridge to Terabithia.  We started answering questions together, so the students could see how to set up their page etc.

During French we learned numbers up to 59.  The students were amazed that they only had to learn 4 new words after they went up to 20!  They had to say a number in French today to earn a candy!  Lucky kids!

In PE we played a new game called Crossfire.  It helps students develop a sense of fair play and have fun at the same time!

Last block we worked on our Monster Names.  It will be due on Friday!

A newsletter was sent home for parents to read as well.  It has many upcoming events!

So, I promised that I would put on a secret word on the homework board.  IF the student writes down “homework” in their agenda book, I will reward them in class tomorrow!  It is a way to encourage parents and students to read the homework board!

Thanks for helping your child become great students!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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