September 21, 2015

Hello, and welcome to the first post of this school year!

Today we started with Math and worked on pages 39-and up.  I did not assign it for homework as I collected some of the books to mark.  We will mark some of the pages together, then continue on!

In Socials we were trying to finish our maps of Canada.  We labelled the Oceans, Bays, and the Great Lakes.  We also started labelling the capital cities.  Students will be expected to memorize the provinces and their capitals by the end of next week.  We will have a test on this!

The students had Music /Drama with a TOC today.  Hopefully the job will be filled with a regular Music teacher now that Mrs. Cromarty is at Silver Creek School.

We finished discussing the new LOGO BEARS for our school and what each letter stands for.  We played a game called Eggspert, where students had to ring in and say the correct answer.  Students seemed to really enjoy it!

After lunch we have Silent Reading, then we did SRA.  This is a time for students to work on reading cards individually.  Students work through colour coded cards and get rewarded for completing a colour!

Last block we had PE in our classroom.  We did a variety of exercises using resistance bands and hand grips.  We ended off the day with Body Beats!  So much fun!

Homework:1)  Clothing Drive   2) Make sure your PE strip is at school for tomorrow   3) Book Orders    4) Accelerated Reading is now up and running, so students should be reading!  I have made a challenge to the entire class, so ask your child what they need to do!  Fun times ahead!

So, any parent/guardian reading this, please tell your child so they can know the secret word, which is YIPEE!  If they write it in their agenda book (planner), they will get a try at the surprise box in the morning!

Cheers!  Ms. Kneller

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