December 12, 2014

We went over the ANIE’s today and worked on P. 75 in Jump Math. Some students were confused, so I did not send it for homework. We will go over that page tomorrow!
In Science we continued to talk about the heart and the parts of it in preparation for our dissection tomorrow.
In Language Arts, we did an Extreme Writing assignment. Here the students have 20 minutes and they should be writing approximately 200 words. It is a time that they can build their writing fluency. I give three writing prompts and the students can choose which one, or they can do more than one! Later, we worked on SRA.
In Art we continued cartooning working on facial expressions. The students had to draw little critters, with various faces. We will be displaying them in the classroom later.
Last block we played a game called Concentration. The students were so much better at it this time. Practice does make perfect!
Homework: Accelerated Reading 15 minutes.
Cheers! Ms. Kneller

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