December 10, 2014

We competed an ANIE on double digit multiplication today. I will hopefully have them marked by tomorrow!
In Socials we went over the procedure for becoming a Canadian Citizen. We completed a worksheet on this.
In Language Arts, many students were taking tests on their Accelerated Reading Book. We also worked on SRA today.
In French the students had a French test on Colours. I collected their book to mark their next vocabulary. We are starting the calendar words.
In PE we played basketball. We tried a real game and it was a bit crazy. With more practice they will hopefully stop walking with the ball in their hands!
In Planning we discussed the report cards that are coming out. We went over what an A, B, C+, C,and C- means. Students were asked to predict what their marks would be for each subject.
Report cards will be going home on Friday.
Homework tonight: Accelerated Reading for 15 minutes.
Please note**** I had asked the students to ask if any parents would like to come skating with us on Tuesday. Unfortunately the rink has been booked so it will not work for us to go before Christmas. So sorry for the confusion. I have booked it for the first Friday when we come back after the holidays. If parents would like to help out, please let me or the office know. You MUST have a criminal record check done. You must have the correct forms as well! (sorry, but that is how it has to be!) I would love some helpers on January 9th at 1-2:30. Thanks!
Cheers! Ms. Kneller

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