December 9, 2014

Today in Math we went over how to do an ANIE with double digit division. We will be doing one tomorrow, so I told the students to review it tonight! It is in their agenda book!
In science we built a model of the heart. We discussed the chambers and the names for it. We will finish on Thursday, then on Friday afternoon we will have a dissection of a cow and turkey heart! EXCITING!
After recess the students went to music with Mrs. Cromarty. She told me they are getting better and better! Will be exciting to hear them perform on Wednesday (rehearsal) and Thursday!
After music the students did a math drill. One of the many things they learned was what a decade was! Please ask them about it!
After lunch we worked on SRA and then we had Buddy time. Today was craft day, so we made a lovely decoration. Yes, we even used GLITTER!
Last block we had book exchange!
Reminder of homework: Art- cartoon-small head,large body
French- test tomorrow on colours, 2 worksheets due
Reading- ch. 14 Graphic Novel due tomorrow
(only because I forgot to collect it today!)
Math- be prepared for ANIE tomorrow!

Have a great day, try to stay dry!
Cheers! Ms. Kneller

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